Passion Journey

6-session package
$ 510
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  • 30 minute consultation call with our team
  • Six 1-hour sessions gifted to work with a mentor on the topic of their choice

Note: various courses and projects end in 6 sessions total

  • More details below
How gifting works

Your gift recipient will be able to work with a mentor on the topic of their choice.

Some examples of what they can do in 6 sessions:

  • Intro to Sports Analytics (see syllabus here)
  • Build a game on Roblox (see example of first lesson here)

Curious to see the extraordinary things other students have built with their mentor’s guidance?

  • Play Matthew’s video game that he has been building with mentors Megan and Tomiwa over the past 2 years here. Matthew is a senior in high school who attends Riverdale Country School. 👾🎮
  • Learn from Jacoby’s education blog meant to empower young athletes with financial literacy knowledge here. Jacoby is a senior from NYC who worked with mentors Nicholas and Ronak. 💸🏀
  • Check out 2nd grader Siena’s creative arts photography storybook here. Siena the 2nd grader lives in Seattle and works with Abrar.📸🎨
  • Find inspiration in Natalie’s career exploration blog, Chatz with Natz here, which she works on with her mentor Sahar’s guidance. Natalie is a 10th grader at Harvard Westlake from LA.📙🎤

Once you purchase a package we will:

  • Send an email notifying the curious recipient of their gift with a call to action to schedule a consultation call.
  • Send your recipient Curious Cardinals stickers in the mail!
  • Send you an update once we’ve matched them to a mentor and again once they’ve completed the engagement so you can see the impact of your gift!