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Mahima is a sophomore at the University of Texas at Dallas, pursuing her degree in biochemistry. She is driven by her passion for biochemistry and hopes to obtain a PhD after her undergraduate education. She is currently being trained as an undergraduate research assistant at a biochemistry lab and is excited to be able to practically apply all of the chemistry, biology, physics, and math that she has learned so far. Mahima is amazed by the complex biochemical reactions that drive the everyday life she sees all around her. She is fascinated by the photosynthesis that keeps her many house plants alive and the glycolysis that occurs in her own body after eating a hearty meal that she cooked up in her kitchen. Mahima also loves to teach. She taught karate for 3 years, tutored in her freshman year of college, and volunteered as a tutor for a reading program over the summer. She is also passionate about learning new things, however small they may be, and wants to share this passion with everyone. Fun fact: she recently learned how to skateboard! She strongly believes that long term commitment and dedication will result in success. For example, she has been training in karate since kindergarten and is now a second degree black belt. Mahima believes that learning should always be fun, no matter how difficult the material is, and has a strong desire to share this enthusiasm and excitement with everyone around her.
Duncan is a Sophomore at Harvard pursuing a concentration in History with a citation in Spanish. He is especially interested in 20th-century international relations, and has taught courses in European and American history in the past. Duncan graduated from Georgetown Day School in Washington, DC as the varsity wrestling team captain and co-president of the Young Men of Color Association. He is currently a Captain in the Ron Brown Leaders Network. At Harvard, Duncan is the Development Chair for the Black Men’s Forum, an organization dedicated to promoting solidarity among the black men on campus. As the Development Chair, Duncan raises money for the organization by partnering with various Fortune 500 companies ranging from tech companies to consultancies. He also leads the professional development initiatives for the organization through hosting events focusing on improving resumes, cover letters, and professional networking. He is also a member of BLK Capital Management, an investment group. He is in the Energy sector, where he leads due diligence initiatives on various energy companies. Over the summer, he worked for a South African-based consultancy where he helped reduce the plastic footprint of a local tourist destination. He also worked with two private equity investors interested in acquiring companies in southern California. In his free time, Duncan enjoys anything related to fitness and sports. His favorite activities include running and lifting weights, and he is a diehard mixed martial arts fan.
Originally from Southern California, Dylan grew up loving sports, surfing, hiking, and spending quality time with friends and family. As a senior at Baylor University, Dylan is pursuing a degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology with a minor in Business Administration while on the Pre-Medical track. Dylan is a strong proponent of the importance of mentorship as he has spent time connecting with younger students through a youth research program dedicated to introducing elementary students to the field of science. While at school, Dylan has been involved as a University Tutor while also serving as a teaching assistant for Baylor’s laparoscopic surgery research course. Apart from his studies, Dylan enjoys attending sporting events on campus to root for the Baylor Bears! As a mentor for Curious Cardinals, Dylan is committed to encouraging students to discover their passions.
Catherine Jones is a senior at Kenyon College, double majoring in Film and English with a concentration in creative writing. She has experience editing and publishing as an associate for the Kenyon Review literary magazine. She also enjoys assisting the Introduction to Film course at Kenyon, and works as an equipment facilitator for the Wright Film Center. Catherine is focused on an integrative approach to teaching and learning that meets the needs of each child. Rarely is she happier than when she is reading a new book. She specializes in speculative fiction, British Romanticism, and screenwriting. She is passionate about film theory and can spend hours discussing form vs. style or re-examining the Western genre through anthropological and post-colonial perspectives. In her free time she is devoted to making claymations, and inevitably remaking those claymations when her dog Charlie finds and destroys them.
Charlie is pursuing a concentration in Psychology with a secondary in Economics at Harvard College. In 2018, he graduated from The Branson School in Ross, CA where he led his class as a 3x president and ultimately as student body president & graduation speaker. At Harvard, Charlie is a member of The Crimson Key Society, HFAC, Club Spikeball and Harvard Ventures. In Harvard Ventures— the largest student-run entrepreneurship and venture capital organization at Harvard— Charlie serves on board as Comp Director. As Comp Director he designs and teaches the mandatory weekly entrepreneurship and venture capital course to all prospective members in a classroom setting. During COVID, Charlie took a year off from Harvard and worked as a full-time analyst for Griffin Gaming Partners, a Santa-Monica based venture capital firm focused exclusively on the gaming sector. In this position, he was able to assess ~500 companies as well as gain experience in undertakings such as financial modeling, industry competitive analysis, analyzing company materials, communicating with and evaluating existing and prospective ventures, attending partner-level meetings and training incoming interns and hires. 
 At Curious Cardinals, Charlie will remain focused on teaching about venture capital and entrepreneurship and is excited to inspire students on how to practically follow their entrepreneurial dreams.
Janice Seo is an incoming 2nd year at Carnegie Mellon University, where she plans to major in Finance and minor in Information Systems. In high school, she was heavily involved and served as Student Council President, while also serving presidency for her Korean Church Youth organization, where she prioritized volunteer work through soup kitchens, mission trips, and many more. Janice currently runs an online business called Spill the Tea that sells DIY bubble tea kits and has made over 800 sales. She's participated in numerous entrepreneurial competitions like the National i.Invest Competition where she placed Top 5 with her team and in 2019, Spill the Tea was featured in the Wall Street Journal. She's interning at a fin-tech start-up for the summer where she's conducting market analysis for the company to spread its influence all over the globe. She also is working on several side hustles like her personal lifestyle blog that requires SEO optimization and market strategy and her online business. Janice has numerous teaching experience, as she directs and instructs an entrepreneurship camp over the summer that guides middle schoolers on how to run a business. She also tutored English to children in South Korea, ages ranging from 5 to 11. At Curious Cardinals, she is intent on teaching math, English, standardized testing material (SAT), and business.
Lina grew up in the suburbs of Paris. When she is not busy fighting for minorities' rights, you'll find her cooking pastries. A sophomore at Sciences Po Paris, she studies Political Humanities in the Europa-Africa Program, she is fascinated by African history and sociology and is learning Swahili. Her life-long dream is to become a teacher. Coming from an alternative highschool, she considers her students to be her equals. She uses innovative methods which prove to be efficient: she graduated highschool obtaining the highest honors. Even so, she will still teach you French while baking macarons together. Passionate about French literature and activism, she wants to give each child the opportunity to find their passions, and invent their own utopia. Winner of the Prix Cicéron, French national contest of eloquence, Lina likes to play with words and will teach her students to feel confident to speak up. Lina was National Secretary of a students' rights federation. Passionated by politics she organized numerous actions and partook in negotiations with the French government to defend a good studying environment for all. Participating in feminist and LGBTQ+ associations and volunteering to help the refugees in her city, Lina will make sure everyone feels valued, included and in a safe space in her classroom.
Anika is currently pursuing a major in Computer Science Engineering at Princeton University. She graduated from Singapore American School in 2020 where her activities included leading awareness programs for inequality based issues, mentoring for STEM based elementary activities with 20-30 students, founding a mystery and problem solving based club, and playing varsity badminton. In her junior year, she interned at a solar energy company where she analysed and manipulated satellite and sensor data for historical trend analysis and live system monitoring. Since graduating High School, Anika has been a data analytics and programming intern at engineering, financial, and software based companies. Some of her projects include automating and optimising data extraction processes, implementing a daily news extraction and analysis system, and creating a live graph based analysis app used to study and make financial decisions. She is also a News writer for The Daily Princetonian, Princeton's college newspaper. Passionate about STEM and education, she hopes to get students curious and excited about learning.
Currently studying at Stanford University (Class of '25), Andrew is pursuing a major in Bioengineering while eyeing a potential combination with Electrical Engineering and a minor in Philosophy. An avid fanatic for all things innovative and biological, Andrew works as a researcher at the Fan Yang Lab at Stanford Medicine/Biomedical Innovations developing lab-patented hydrogel platforms for enhanced cranial bone regeneration. He is also an active member of the Stanford Student Space Initiative's Biology Team, where he helped develop a proposal for the 2022-23 ISS National Lab Research Announcement detailing utilization of microgravity conditions found in Low Earth Orbit for novel vasculature bioprinting methods. Having also previously conducted research at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center, his scientific interests lie in the realms of cell and synthetic biology, specifically in novel cancer therapies, tissue regeneration, nanotechnology, senescence, and the potential explosion of a not-so-distant space-based biotechnology industry. Outside of the lab, Andrew is also passionate about film studies and sci-fi (from Wong Kar-wai to Andrei Tarkovsky to Agnès Varda to Hideaki Anno), having written and directed his own film at Stanford, and continues to nurture a lifelong hobby of creative writing. An exercise nut hailing from Michigan, Andrew has also competed at the state/national level for ice hockey and lacrosse for over 10 years while enjoying a slew of other sports including swimming, football, basketball, and fishing. Beyond everything else, Andrew is inspired by the sincerity of passionate conversations on any/all interests: be it from philosophy to astrophysics or literature to pure mathematics, he is always ready to explore this crazy universe of curiosities in the next chat.
Abrar is a senior at Harvard studying Government on the Data Science track. Passionate about politics and international relations from a young age, Abrar was president of her high school’s Model UN team for two years, and successfully led the team to winning multiple conference awards for the first time. During her time at Harvard, Abrar worked for the Democratic Party of Georgia, and during her gap year, worked full time for the Jon Ossoff Senate campaign both as a finance associate and field organizer. Beyond politics, Abrar is a deeply creative person directing, designing, modeling in, and editing various DIY photo shoots over the pandemic and the last year. Her work has been featured in Sunstroke Magazine multiple times. At Harvard, Abrar is part of WHRB and served as the station’s Vice President for over two years where she helped manage the station’s operations as well as direct the development of station podcasts. Never tied down to a narrow set of interests, she is also passionate about classical Islamic philosophy, Arabic literature, and history of the classical period. When free from any sort of academic commitments Abrar loves being in nature, being active, and above all else, spending time with dear friends. She is so excited to help her students find and engage in their passions, and feel empowered to pursue them!
David Hill is a junior studying applied mathematics and physics at Harvard University. David values education and has completed over 750 hours of tutoring. He has been tutoring for 3 years and hopes to continue working in academia after graduating college. Despite growing up in a small and rural part of Georgia, David achieved his dream of becoming the first student in his high school’s history to be accepted into Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. David truly enjoys helping students attend their dream universities. Hence, his favorite subjects to teach include the SAT, ACT, and the college application process. In fact, David received a perfect score on the math section of the SAT, and his reading score is in the 99th percentile. He is also fond of tutoring all mathematical concepts found in the K-12 curriculum. In his free time, David loves to exercise. His three favorite forms of exercise are playing basketball, running, and lifting weights. His favorite board game is chess, and he almost never turns down a game of chess. Last but certainly not least, David makes time for video games as well. His go-to video games are Call of Duty, NBA 2k, and Fortnite.
Ro’s mom always reminded them to “leave the world a better place than you found it”. For Ro, that has looked like unapologetically pursuing their passions, so that they can show up in the world as their full self and help others do the same. Before receiving their Bachelors of Science in Education and Social Policy and minor in Legal Studies from Northwestern University, Ro spent their time back home in Southern California engaging in a wide range of extracurricular activities and classes in high school After three years as a top witness in their mock trial program, four years as a leader on their track team, and excelling in advanced art, AP Calculus AB & BC, and AP US History, Ro’s interests continued to expand in college. At Northwestern, Ro became an award-winning attorney in the ninth-best collegiate mock trial program in the country and pursued a pre-law course load while deepening their art education, becoming a mentor to first-year students, and a community organizer with NU Community Not Cops. In their junior year, Ro began to focus on improving their mental health and pivoted their studies to focus on psychology and critical ethnic studies so that they could begin to learn how to provide support to fellow LGBTQIA+ Black, Indigenous, and POC communities. Currently, Ro is looking forward to pursuing a Master's in Social Work in 2023 to begin that work! In their free time, Ro enjoys drawing and painting, yoga, making bad jokes to their boyfriend, sporadic dance parties, hanging out with their friends, and cuddling with their cat Gilda. As a Curious Cardinals mentor, Ro wants to help fuel their students’ passions and encourage them to dream bigger and bolder as they embrace changes in the world and within themselves.
Chibuzo is a senior at Yale University majoring in Economics, with a focus on development and financial economics. Before coming to Yale, she completed her primary and secondary education in Nigeria and a United World College international school in Hong Kong. On campus, you’ll often find her leading tours for prospective students or singing with the New Blue, Yale’s oldest all women’s a cappella group. She is also the Senior Editor-in-Chief of the Elm City Echo, a literary magazine that amplifies the voices of New Haven residents experiencing extreme poverty and/or homelessness, and a Project Head for the Yale Hunger & Homelessness Action Project. Chibuzo has enjoyed serving as President of the Yale African Students Association and on the Executive Board as Director of Outreach for the Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Investment Fund, the first undergraduate-run SRI fund in the country. In her free time, she enjoys tutoring English on Ringle, reading fantasy, travelling, trying out new restaurants, and anticipating the release of Now You See Me 3! This summer, she will be working as an investment management Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley in New York.
Caie is currently at investor at SOUNDWaves, the climate-focused investing arm of Sound Ventures based in LA. Before her role in venture capital, Caie was a private equity investor at Permira, a $40B fund based in New York, and an analyst at JP Morgan in Technology investment banking. Caie graduated Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Harvard in 2018 with a degree in Economics and Global Health and Policy. Caie is originally from the SF Bay Area.
Annie Keating is a Sophomore at Baylor University on the pre-med track with a double major in Neuroscience and Psychology, plus a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. She spent the summer of 2021 being mentored by a world renown neurologist who works with US Olympic Ski and Snowboard team as well as the NFL, NHL, MLB, and the NBA Players' Association. At Baylor, Annie is an active member of the American Medical Womens Association and a member of the Baylor Club Tennis Team that recently qualified for the Club National Championships. In high school, Annie finished Summa Cum Laude taking all Honors classes. Throughout high school, she played three varsity sports all four years garnering honors as a two-time individual State Tennis Champion and Captain of the tennis team, and basketball MVP, plus a starter on a Top 10 nationally ranked club field hockey team, all the while competing in forensics and being the Captain of the Robotics team. Annie loves teaching children and started her own tennis instructional business in high school and teaches up to 25 children per week during the summer months.
Natalie is pursuing a Sociology degree at Stanford. More specifically, she studies motivation, empathy, and group harmony in order to push for multilateral organization against the pressing environmental challenges of our time. Her interest in the interconnectedness of human and planetary health has led her to 1,500+ hours of volunteer experience in the food justice space -- from fundraising for community gardens, to researching food policy with The Farmlink Project, to picking coffee at a sustainable farm in Costa Rica. Born and raised in a small coastal town in Sonoma County, Natalie developed an appreciation for the outdoors at a young age and feels happiest when hiking or camping. As a mentor, she specializes in English, Spanish, and creative projects, and strives to make her students feel heard, seen, and supported even beyond their academic pursuits.
John Ball is a recent graduate of Harvard College, where he studied psychology, neuroscience, and government. John’s two biggest passions are comedy and politics. In high school, John pursued model legislature and debate, and was elected youth governor of the Ohio YMCA Youth and Government Program. He also took first place in the national debate competition of Youth and Government students, which took submissions from nearly 20,000 students nationwide, for his proposal to reduce mental health discrimination among colleges in America. At Harvard, John continued his work in policy, as well as comedy and political satire. John wrote for the Harvard Lampoon, America’s longest-published humor magazine, and was president of the Harvard College Stand-Up Comics’ Society (Harvard SUCS). He also organized the Weatherhead Center for International Affair’s “International Comedy Night,” where he opened for noted comics Ronny Chieng and Harry Kondabolu. John was also able to combine his passions of comedy and neuroscience when he was awarded the Query On Inc. “Boston Genius Grant” to pursue his research project looking at the intersection of comedy and mental illness among amateur and famous comedians. With the help of advisor Shelley Carson, a psychology professor at Harvard, John was able to present his findings at the Harvard Global Mental Health Conference in 2018. Since Harvard, John has continued to work on his passions for politics and writing. For work, John has spent much of his time doing policy analysis, with a particular focus on mental health policy areas. He is particularly passionate about improving access to mental health care resources to all individuals, specifically in outpatient settings in addition to emergency inpatient care. John currently works to train individuals from under-represented communities to run for public office. He is also continuing to work towards his passions for stand-up comedy and comedy writing. For anyone with too much free time, John can be seen performing stand-up comedy in and around Columbus, Ohio.
George is in his 4th year of medical school at University of Connecticut with plans to pursue cardiothoracic anesthesiology during residency. He graduated top 1% of his class at Northeastern university where he studied Behavioral Neuroscience. George has won several academic and research grants that funded both personal projects as well as projects at Massachusetts General hospital and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. He has studied the brains understanding of the 3D environment and how it is disrupted by Alzheimer's Disease. He also studied a phenomenon known as multisensory decision making - how the brain combines auditory and visual information to help us make decisions. Lastly, he designed head implants to help us study the electrical activity of neurons in freely moving, awake-behaving mice. Much of his work required use of the scientific method, 3D printing, academic presentations, and surgical technique. During his free time, he loves to cook across all cuisines including Egyptian, Korean, Japanese, and Italian. As George moves forward in his career within medicine, he hopes to become an excellent educator and to pass the baton to curious learners.
Charlotte is a senior at Stanford studying Political Science with a minor in Psychology. She is passionate about political polarization, public opinion, and all things related to human decision-making. She is particularly excited by the intersection of social psychological research and public policy. She tackles tough questions about not only why people think the way they do, but also how we can better empathize with one another. Outside of academics, Charlotte is also an accomplished dancer and choreographer. During high school, she trained pre-professionally with the Atlanta Ballet and worked alongside world-renowned directors at the nation’s top ballet schools. At Stanford, Charlotte was selected as one of five ‘Stanford Dollies’ to represent the school with the Stanford Band at varsity sports games and student events. She is also a dedicated member of two student-run dance groups on campus. Charlotte is a people person who adores working with children. In Atlanta, she managed the front desk of Oodazu, an indoor children’s playground, before helping develop Oodazu Balloons, a balloon delivery business, during the pandemic. Her special talents include constructing elaborate balloon garlands, choreographing on the spot to almost any song, and making people laugh. As a Curious Cardinals Mentor, Charlotte hopes to empower her students to find their unique voices and blossom into better thinkers, communicators, and well-rounded people!
Kirsty is a recent graduate of Minerva Schools - a San-Francisco based university with a 1.9% acceptance rate - where she studied Integrated Biology in Earth’s Systems. Over the past 5 years she has lived in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul, San Francisco, Hyderabad, Wellington, and London; taking on internships and courses around the world. She was recently invited to attend COP26, the UN’s Conference on Climate Change where she represented civil society in negotiations about the future of agriculture in a changing climate. This was the culmination of work with an Argentine NGO, for whom she created educational content related to the impact of farming and other activities on climate change. She has also spent time at a biotechnology start-up in Berkeley where she investigated the role of bacteria in agriculture, and the potential for bacteria to provide plants with essential nutrients. While at university, she interned with a Biolab Seoul in South Korea where she led a team to develop a bio-leather from bacteria and yeast as well as design and construct technical equipment for the lab. Her passion for creative and active teaching has led her to Curious Cardinals, where she hopes to use her experience and enthusiasm to help students learn in a welcoming and engaging environment.
James is a rising Sophomore at Boston College and planning on a double major in Mathematics and Economics with a concentration in Computer Science. In 2020, he graduated with high honors from Middlebury Union High School in Vermont and received the American Legion Academic Excellence Award for Mathematics in all four of his years there. James also played on both the varsity lacrosse and hockey teams for three of his four years. Due to his passion for math, in his junior year of high school, James audited Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus at Middlebury College and tutored fellow high school students in math, English, and science in both his junior and senior years. James has always been passionate about tutoring and helping students make strides in their education. At Curious Cardinals, James hopes to put his tutoring experience to good use and help teach math, English, and computer science to students of all ages.
Tali Glickman is pursuing a Master’s in Social Work at Columbia University School of Social Work, focusing on Advanced Clinical Practice. She graduated from Northeastern University in May 2021, Summa Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a double minor in Human Services and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Tali has worked at two residential facilities as a case manager and residential counselor. The first was a psychiatric adult group home, The North Suffolk Mental Health Association, and the second, Walden Street School of The Justice Resource Institute, a residential facility for adolescent females who have dealt with severe trauma in their lives. Tali also volunteered for 3+ years at the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center working as a rape crisis counselor on their sexual assault hotline. Not only has Tali found passion through direct practice, but she also has excelled in academic and research environments. Tali worked at the Social Interaction Lab at Northeastern University, working with the Ph.D. students to design and execute a research study focusing on individuals' judgments based on social cues. This past year, Tali wrote her final research paper on how Narrative Therapy, Feminist Theory, and Feminist-Narrative Therapy is a useful approach when supporting survivors of sexual violence (especially survivors of Color). Out of the classroom, Tali loves watching sports, cooking shows, and comedy, as well as, reading, listening to podcasts, and hanging out with friends. Tali excels in the Humanities fields and is passionate about creating community and connection with each student she works with. At Curious Cardinals, she is looking forward to helping students reach their full potential and learn what sparks their passions.
Kelleigh is a senior at Stanford University studying Economics and Data Science. She interned at KKR the past two summers and will be returning there to work full time when she graduates. At Stanford, Kelleigh served as Director of Alumni Relations and Director of Community Engagement at the prestigious Stanford Women In Business (SWIB) club. When she's not in the classroom or at SWIB Board meetings, Kelleigh can be found practicing with her team for the Stanford Varsity Women's Lacrosse team. This past year, Kelleigh led her team to win the Pac 12 Conference Championship. Outside of school and sports, Kelleigh is passionate about art, literature, NFTs/blockchain, and prioritizing quality time with the people she loves most. At Curious Cardinals, she's excited to inspire the next generation of women in business and inspire her students to unlock their best potential. Kelleigh hopes that, in addition to empowering students to find their passions, she teaches her students to value the importance of building quality relationships with a diversity of people.
Keren currently attends UC Berkeley, where she studies Data Science and Computer Science. An international student from the Philippines, she has represented her country in various international high school competitions, such as the International Chemistry Olympiad and the ASEAN Plus Three Junior Science Olympiad. She is passionate about women’s representation in STEM, having been the only girl in her team across these competitions. Following her professional and personal passions led her to Womxn Ignite, a coalition of young women in technology and entrepreneurship, where she is a fellow. At UC Berkeley, Keren has been an undergraduate researcher at various labs, researching nanocrystals under the Alivisatos group and biomedical imaging in the Pines and Reimer group. Keren is also widely involved in the campus entrepreneurship space as the External VP of Sigma Eta Pi, a co-ed entrepreneurship society. Outside of school, she works as a Product intern under Planet Labs, a microsatellite imaging company (calling all space tech fans!). An avid outdoors person, Keren loves to climb, hike, ski, run, and surf. Keren is excited to teach physics, data science, math, and other STEM concepts at Curious Cardinals!
Abigayle Peterson is a sophomore at Western Washington University studying Computer Science in the Honors College and the National Science Foundation funded Computer Science/Math Scholars program. She is a passionate computer programmer who desires to build socially impactful products. In high school, she programmed and founded an award-winning, free wellness app called Magnify Wellness which is titled "Top 6 Global Health Innovations" through the Bay Area Global Health Innovation competition. Magnify Wellness is now a nonprofit with 70+ global chapters, community Slack group, events, resource database, and mentorship program. Abigail’s ongoing leadership with Magnify Wellness led to recognition from Lady Gaga’s Channel Kindness website, Voyage Magazine, TechTogether, multiple podcasts, and a star role in the See Yourself In Me documentary. Outside of Magnify Wellness, she serves as the Association of Computing Machinery Vice President at her school, published AI research papers for increasing computer science education, and has taught dozens of youth coding fundamentals through her founding of the CodeHers nonprofit, teaching at Hawai’i’s first Girls Who Code chapter, and peer mentoring at West Sound CoderDojo. Last summer, she interned at Bank of America in the Big Data team, coding business solutions. She will return in Summer 2022 as a Mobile App Engineer in the Consumer Wealth and Small Business Management team. Currently, Abigayle creates app development training courses at her college’s Student Technology Center and speaks at coding competitions around the world.
Cora is a sophomore at Princeton University pursuing a major in Economics and minoring in Spanish and Finance. At Princeton, she's involved with student entrepreneurship clubs, serving as both product management, research and content creation roles. She's passionate about equity in education and access to resources for all students. In her free time, she loves to work out, spend time outdoors, digital art, and explore new food places!
William is a first-year medical student studying at Johns Hopkins. In 2020, he graduated from Hopkins with a B.S. degree in Molecular & Cellular Biology as well as a minor in Psychology. During his gap year, William also conducted research at the NIH to investigate piRNA machinery using genomic sequencing techniques. While medicine is William’s ultimate career interest, he is also very passionate about the creative and performance arts; during college, William danced for all 4 years and was awarded the Louis E. Goodman award in 2019 to pursue his own passion project in dance/videography. He is also deeply interested in music production. Having played the piano for over 10 years, William uses his music theory knowledge to produce extensively in Ableton. Finally, William believes strongly in the importance of mentoring as a way to provide the tools necessary for students to actualize their dreams. Currently, William tutors ESL with the Arlington Heights Memorial Library and 8th grade math with the Commodore John Rodgers School. Now, he is excited to connect with you and to learn about your interests through Curious Cardinals!
Eva Rudajev is a current junior at UC Berkeley pursuing a major in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research and a minor in Data Science. Eva has had an interest in STEM for as long as she can remember, receiving multiple awards such as Calculus Student of The Year, and Statistics Student of The Year. She hopes to pursue a career as a Data Scientist as she thoroughly enjoys problem solving in her coding and machine learning classes. She is currently working on a project to simulate an amusement park in order to design the optimal park, as well as a machine learning project on predicting forest fires in California. Outside of school, Eva is a Project Manager in her consulting club: 180 Degrees Consulting. There, she spearheads a project in the social impact sector focused on providing emotional education to children around the world. She loves her work as she is able to exercise her interests in business through enhancing access to education for children. Finally, Eva spends a lot of her free time promoting wellness and wellbeing within the members of the STEM community at Berkeley. During the pandemic, she was the president of Engineering Wellness at Cal, a club at Berkeley, and she worked hard to put on many wellness events for the Cal community, such as yoga, meditation workshops, and virtual learning workshops. She looks forward to helping out students through Curious Cardinals to help them reach their maximum potential!
Senior Data Scientist at Intuit, studied CS with a data science concentration at Minerva University. I'm passionate about language and society and I love teaching and mentoring :)
Melody is a third-year scholarship student at the University of California, Berkeley. As a civil engineering and data science student, Melody is passionate about connecting communities through infrastructure and the built environment. Her internship experiences range from inspecting concrete pours on construction sites to testing soil samples in a geotechnical lab in Taiwan. Melody loves drinking tea (especially Taiwanese oolong’s) and she teaches a class on tea at UC Berkeley. In high school, Melody studied classical violin, performing with her orchestra on a tour across the Scandinavia and the Baltic States. In her free time, Melody freelances as an artist and enjoys reading webcomics.
Robert is the Co-Founder and CEO at Alphagora, a US Securities and Exchange Commission registered cryptocurrency roboadvisory. Alphagora offers investment advisory services for cryptocurrencies. Their technology offerings include algorithms (quantitative and machine learning trading strategies), an order management system (automating the execution of those algorithms on the client’s exchange accounts), and a portfolio management tool (allowing the client to manage their funds allocations to various algorithms across different cryptocurrency exchanges and assets). (January 2019 - Present) Robert served as Managing Director for Alluminate and as the Strategy Director for Luminous Group, both boutique blockchain consultancies, where his startup and enterprise clients pursued blockchain products in real estate, social media, and identity technologies (September 2017 - September 2018). Robert’s first role in blockchain was as an intern at Consensys in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where Consensys was part of the Dubai Future Accelerator. (Summer 2017) He was a co-Founder and former Chief Operating Officer at rePurpose, the world’s first plastic credit system offsetting the plastic footprints of consumers and corporations with investment in plastic trash pickers living in dense urban slums. rePurpose won the 2018 University of Pennsylvania President's Engagement Prize, a $150,000 USD grant (March 2016 - August 2017). Robert is a graduate dual-degree student at the University of Pennsylvania, completing through submatriculation a Master of Science of Engineering (Nanotechnology) at the School of Engineering and Applied Science and a Master in Law (Finance/Corporate Focus) at Penn Law (Carey Law School). As an undergraduate dual-degree student at the University of Pennsylvania, Robert is a Wharton Research Scholar, earning a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Electrical Engineering (Quantum Engineering and Photonics) at the School of Engineering and Applied Science and a Bachelor of Science in Economics (Finance) at The Wharton School. His anticipated graduation from all of his coursework at Penn is May 2022. Robert gives talks, designs curriculum, and teaches courses on Bitcoin. Select previous educational engagements include: Teaching Fellow, Wharton Global Initiatives’ summer high school programmes; Curriculum designer and informal lecturer, informal university-wide introductory blockchain course for the Penn Blockchain club; Seminar on Bitcoin forensics, Department of Defense’s National Defense University; Various talks, panels, and seminars at conferences and for organizations such as StartingBloc, Renaissance Weekend, and The Mentor Project; Teaching Assistant, CIS233 Introduction to Blockchian, the first course on blockchain offered at Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. He holds invitations to the Summit, Renaissance Weekend, and the ZCash Foundation’s ZCon ideas festivals, and is a StartingBloc Fellow and Management & Technology Fellow. Robert served on a private security detail for the Pope when His Holiness visited Philadelphia in 2015 for the World Meeting of Families. He also served as a Midshipman in the US Marine Corps NROTC for two years, and on the Red Cross Disaster Action Team.
Kate received a B.A. in History with Honors in International Security from Stanford University in 2021. She recently completed her thesis on cyber security and governance in the Middle East and will continue this research next year through a Fulbright grant to receive a M.A. in Conflict Research, Management and Resolution at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. A native Texan, Kate lived in the United Kingdom throughout high school before moving to Jordan on a gap year prior to attending Stanford. A passionate linguist, Kate has achieved advanced proficiency in Arabic, Spanish and French and is currently studying Russian and Hebrew. While at university, Kate was the deputy lead research assistant to former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster and pursued opportunities for public service through an internship at the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. Kate is currently living in New York and interning at the Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations. She’s looking forward to her upcoming move to Jerusalem.
Maya is a rising senior at Yale majoring in Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations and minoring in Education. She loves teaching, writing, and creative arts. A native of NYC, Maya was one of 15 students accepted to the Drama program at the Professional Performing Arts High School, where she served as co-founder and editor-in-chief of the literary magazine. In her junior year, Maya was selected to teach English in the Dominican Republic through the organization Global Glimpse, which she is still an active member of today. In her senior year, Maya completed a public policy project about the status of school counselors in NYCPS addressed to the Department of Education. She obtained perfect scores on both the AP Literature exam and the writing and english sections of the ACT, and graduated with honors in the top 7% of her class. At Yale, Maya has served on the board of the Yale First Generation and/or Low-Income Advocacy Movement as well as the Middle Eastern North African Student Association. Recently, she has had creative fiction published in several of Yale’s literary magazines. Outside of school, Maya plays electric guitar in a band and has acted professionally for over 10 years. Maya has experience teaching all ages and is excited to help students with creative or academic writing, acting/audition prep, or any other curiosities they might have!
Hashem is a Sophomore at Harvard studying Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science. Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, Hashem comes with a diverse background and unique range of perspectives. He went to a German school throughout his life, where he learned to speak four languages fluently. In high school, Hashem moved to an American school where he served in student council, as president of the school’s MUN club, and started two of his own companies at the age of 16. His startups grew to win multiple competitions internationally, and were featured on local radio, television and in magazines. That year, Hashem was named one of Egypt’s top 25 young entrepreneurs. Driven by a passion for entrepreneurship, Hashem took a gap year after his freshman year at Harvard and worked for several Fintech startups in the UK, Brazil and in Egypt. There he worked on building Egypt’s first ever digital bank. He also spent time working at Silicon Valley Bank in California as a Healthcare Insights analyst. Outside of the professional sphere, Hashem has a passion for music and grew up playing the piano. He also loves sports (surfing and tennis especially), as well as traveling and meeting people from all over the world. Prior to curious cardinals, Hashem spent several years tutoring math, biology and physics, as well as providing college counseling for students from his highschool.
Aishani studies Neuroscience and Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics at Duke. She is interested in making mental health care more accessible to people of all backgrounds. She specifically loves learning about how to better the nation's healthcare system. In addition to her passion for medicine and healthcare, Aishani enjoys math and physics. She has worked in consulting and entrepreneurship positions. Finally, she is trained in many types of dance - the longest being Classical Indian dance.
Alden is a sophomore at Brown University pursuing a degree in Gender and Sexuality Studies and Theater Arts. Before attending Brown, Alden took a gap year and gathered global work experience in fields from sustainable farming to English tutoring. Her work with teaching students English and Spanish led her to found a "Female Empowerment Summer Camp" for young girls. She continues to expand these workshops and camps with the goal of educating younger generations on the gender dynamics within society and encouraging them to feel empowered and comfortable in their bodies. With a background in dance and theater, Alden is interested in studying the ways in which movement and performance can be used for healing. To explore this further, she received her 200-hour yoga teacher training, and now instructs yoga and meditation classes in Providence. In her free time, Alden enjoys singing with her band, crafting, and cooking! This summer, Alden will be in Jackson Hole, Wyoming working for a non-profit called "Womentum" that connects female-identifying people with older mentors to encourage women to take ownership of their careers.
Oscar is on the pre-medical track and is pursuing a degree in Applied Math and Biology at Brown University. He graduated from Poly Prep (Brooklyn, NY) in 2019, where he played on the varsity soccer team since he was in 8th grade, ran with the track team for 3 years, tutored low income students, and volunteered at the NYU hospital in Brooklyn. Oscar was born in the united states, but lived in France for 4 years, where he learned to speak, read and write french fluently and gained a love for his dad's side of the family's culture. During his time at Brown, Oscar played for the varsity and club soccer teams, took a semester off to live in the Dominican Republic where he conducted research on the COVID-19 vaccine, played on a variety of intramural teams (including volleyball and water polo), and has developed a passion for kitesurfing. This summer, Oscar will travel to Paris to work in an orthopedics clinic for 2 months, where he will shadow a multitude of doctors, gain an understanding of the dynamics of a medical clinic, and participate in prosthetic research. In the meantime, Oscar would like to share his knowledge in the sciences with curious students, tutoring math, and physics, and sharing his passions for soccer and kitesurfing. He hopes to inspire in his students a desire to work hard, pursue their passions, and realize their goals!
Olivia is a senior and master's student in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford. She has worked as a course assistant and T.A throughout her time at Stanford and does organizational psychology research. She loves swimming, running, and baking in her free time.
Emma is a junior at Princeton University and studying in the School of Public and International Affairs, with a minor in History & the Practice of Diplomacy, and East Asian Studies. She is especially interested in topics like racial relations in the United States and policy, diplomacy, and Chinese-American relations. Despite majoring in the social sciences, she loves biology and math and even came into Princeton as a prospective Molecular Biology major! At Princeton, some of her main activities are volunteering for Rem On Campus, a branch of Rem and Company, consulting small businesses who were hurt by COVID, playing for the club soccer team, and organizing events with the Princeton US-China Coalition (PUCC). Before Princeton, she was a Questbridge National Finalist, played varsity soccer, participated in forensics, and was awarded for community service. Her personal hobbies include baking and cooking, playing soccer, painting, and reading. At Curious Cardinals, she's excited to teach students and create personal connections with them!
Joshua Shongwe, a Senior at Stanford University, is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer science with a specification in Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, attending Granada Hills Charter High School, and spends his free time watching Football, Basketball, and E-sports; namely, League of Legends after being ranked fourth in the nation in High School. During his time at Stanford, Josh has been working with the Large Technical Enterprise, Uber Technologies Inc., for the past 3 summers and is currently working with Apple as a Campus Leader. Given his experience, Josh is now well-versed in a plethora of popularized coding languages like Unix, C#, C+, Java, JavaScript, Python, Regular Expression, and more. And while his current work is heavily involved in the Big Tech space, his passion for Computer Science and education began long before attending Stanford University. In high school, Josh created an Equitable Learning Website fully equipped with higher level mathematics curriculum to provide access to underprivileged, underrepresented individuals. Using popularized coding languages like HTML coupled with Cascading Style Sheets, Josh was able to design a fully equipped website that included Calculus A-C, Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra with different learning options e.g., video-based learning, read/exampled based learning, problem set based learning, and assessment-based learning. His passion project caught the eye of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) who used Josh’s website as a proof of concept for higher-level math during online schooling. And even after developing a well-versed experience in computer programming in a Large Technical Enterprise and rising to an elite level in the E-Sports space, Josh is still eager to make a difference in the youth community to inspire creativity and excitement under the lens of education.
Morgan is a rising junior at Stanford University who is double majoring in Political Science and Psychology. She is passionate about the psychological underpinnings of policy outcomes and believes that understanding human behavior is essential for many spheres of work. Currently, she is a member of SSDP—an international grassroots organization aimed at achieving social justice through sensible policy change. Throughout her time with SSDP, she has learned how to successfully lead a non-profit organization and is in the process of writing and lobbying for social justice policies in Iowa. At Stanford, Morgan is a three-season varsity athlete on the cross country and track and field teams. In her eleven years as a competitive runner, she has broken two Arizona high school state records, represented the USA at the Pan American Championships where she placed 3rd in the 800m, and earned a scholarship to compete for Stanford University. Morgan's goal at Curious Cardinal is to provide students with a safe and fun environment for them to explore their unique intellectual curiosities.
Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Tiago is a rising senior in Computer Science at Minerva Schools at KGI, an innovative university where the undergraduate experience is centered around the science of learning and cultural dexterity. His tracks are on Data Science and Applied Problem Solving, but he also gets sidetracked taking economics and physics courses he deeply enjoys. During high school, Tiago competed in tens of scientific olympiads in subjects ranging from history to linguistics to mathematics, and he represented Brazil at the International Young Physicist’s Tournament in Singapore. Model UNs were dear to his heart, too, since he discovered his passion for economics at one. Tiago has taught physics and finance classes in Brazil and design thinking marathons and IoT workshops in China. Currently, he mentors compatriots who wish to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad. Closer to home, he has been working to create accessibility-minded resources and improve the curriculum of one of his university’s core courses, developing materials on statistics, algorithms, and decision theory. A strong believer in the importance of data literacy, Tiago loves diving into data visualization and exploratory analysis. He has worked on projects on transportation policy in San Francisco, on emerging-market opportunities for venture capital in South Korea, and on curriculum marketing in India. If you enter a casual conversation with him, prepare to leave with some podcast recommendations. And if he is your teacher or tutor, get ready to revisit gaps in knowledge and answer lots, and many lots, of questions.
Connor is pursuing a major in Computer Science with a minor in Economics at Harvard University. On campus, he served on the board of Harvard College Consulting Group (HCCG), partnering with Fortune 500 technology companies, startups, and nonprofits to solve critical business challenges. While on board, he collaborated with five other board members to secure paid engagements, supervise client relations, and develop case scopes and final recommendations. Connor's entering his third year as a teaching fellow for "Intro to Computer Science" and "Intro to AI with Python" at Harvard, where he teaches about a range of topics including introductory C, Python, SQL, and web frameworks as well as machine learning via TensorFlow Keras and Natural Language Toolkit. Connor worked in Corporate Strategy at PTC, focusing on Internet of Things and Augmented Reality software for use in manufacturing. He also spent time at DFINITY, a distributed computing startup, creating programming lessons and toolkits designed for university professors. This past summer he worked at Insight Partners, a venture capital and private equity firm in NYC, sourcing and analyzing software startups in the DevOps/Infrastructure IT space for potential investment, where he'll return full-time after graduation. Connor was born in the Green Mountains of Vermont, and he loves skiing, hiking, trail running, and anything that gets him active in the great outdoors. He's also a political junky, avid science nerd, and a lifelong subscriber to The Atlantic.
Annie is a sophomore at Princeton University concentrating in the School of Public and International Affairs, with a certificate in German Language and Culture. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she loves hiking and the outdoors, and is also passionate about dancing, which she has trained in since the age of three. Annie loves to travel and to study different languages and cultures, and has studied German for eight years, with experience working as a German tutor for her high school for the past two years. At Princeton, Annie is a member of Women in Economics and Public Policy, holds an officer position in diSiac Dance Company, and also attends weekly “Knitflix” knitting sessions on campus. Annie is passionate about human rights and public policy, and this past summer interned for a nonprofit based out of Chicago aimed to empower and provide educational resources for disadvantaged youth. This experience only added to her belief in the power of education, and she is excited to share her passion for learning with Curious Cardinals!
Bryan Yan is a current undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, studying Finance from The Wharton School and Mathematics. He is a 2019 Coca-Cola Scholar and hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, where he attended St. Xavier High School. After graduating from St. Xavier, Bryan took a gap year in China, where he interned for Pfizer. While at St. Xavier, Bryan took 12 Advanced Placement Courses and held leadership positions in multiple clubs, including Student Council, Social Justice Coalition, Varsity Tennis, Chinese Club, and Math Team. He achieved a perfect score on SAT/ACT Math + English. He also founded his own 501c3 non-profit organization designed to mentor youth impacted by parental opioid usage, which received recognition at the local, state, and national levels. At Penn, Bryan is the Co-President of Penn Barbell Club, Marketing Chair of the Wharton Equity Diversion and Inclusion Group, a Mentor in the Chinese Student Association, and the Diversity Chair of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. In his free time, as an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Bryan enjoys working out and running his fitness Instagram to promote confidence within youth. He also loves his family and makes sure to call his Mom every day.
Ziya is currently a junior at the University of Pennsylvania studying computer science and cognitive science. She’s passionate about social impact and education outreach. Having developed and taught various robotics programs for middle and high school students while in high school, she hoped to expand her reach in college. Now, Ziya leads a program that mentors underrepresented Philadelphia high school students in computer science to create a website about a social justice issue they’re passionate about. She was also a teaching assistant for an introductory computer science theory course at Penn, and is involved with Hack4Impact which partners with nonprofits to provide software solutions for them. She has served as project manager for two clients—first to create a healthcare analytics system for the Ministry of Health of Tanzania, and later to provide a centralized database for a nonprofit that supports birthing families. At Curious Cardinals, Ziya is super excited to continue share her love of learning with other students!
Shiley is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering at Stanford University passionate about mechanism design and structures. He originally was supposed to be a junior but took a gap year during the pandemic to take a break from online school and work at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the magnetometer of a spacecraft that’s flying all the way to Jupiter in 2024. His love for STEM started back in the day, building LEGO sets at home and reading Ms Frizzle books, but it wasn’t until he joined the FRC robotics team his first year of high school that he realized that mechanical engineering was his calling. After becoming the design team leader his sophomore year, he also learned that he loved teaching the new robotics team members all the skills and tools that he had learned. He loves designing and building things, and taking projects from the idea phase all the way through brainstorming and prototyping to a final product, whether that is a walnut box with aluminum inlay organize the cables on his desk, a 120 pound robot, or a folding stool with a leather seat. Outside of college classes, he spends most of his time working on the solar car team, where he designs, builds, and races a car for the World Solar Challenge. He is also a part of Stanford's Student Space Initiative, where he led a small team in designing a mechanical staging mechanism for a rocket. Through previous internships, classes, and these extracurriculars, he has gained substantial experience using CAD programs as well as using machining and fabrication tools including CNC mills and routers, welders, laser cutters, and various hand and power tools. Beyond the engineering realm, Shiley is a member of the Stanford ultimate frisbee as well as the rock climbing teams and also enjoys backpacking, biking, snowboarding, soccer, and cooking.
J.T. is a junior from Dallas, TX pursuing a major in Aeronautics/Astronautics at Stanford University. He graduated from Greenhill School in 2019 as MVP and captain of the football and track & field teams while working as a salesperson for Vector Marketing. At Stanford, J.T. is a pole vaulter for the varsity track & field team and placed 2nd in the PAC-12 in 2021. He is also a member of the Stanford Space Initiative, working on propulsion and payload teams for multiple rocket projects. Outside of school, J.T. worked as a product development intern for Squad, a social media start-up. Currently, he works as an engineer for Tritn Sports Company, a surfing technology start-up, creating computational fluid dynamics simulations. While J.T. spends much of his free time with friends, he is often learning about quantum physics, engineering, or space during his alone time. He plans to channel his interests in STEM to teach math, science, and aerospace topics with Curious Cardinals, inspiring students to explore their passions and become smarter every day.
Grace is in her sophomore year at the University of Pennsylvania, pursuing a major in Cognitive Science with a concentration in Neuroscience. She attended high school in Middlebury, Vermont where she graduated in 2019 in the top 1% of her class. Her passion for learning about the brain was solidified in high school through participating in the Neuroscience Club, competing annually in the Vermont Brain Bee and completing an internship at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt, Germany in her junior year. In addition to her love of learning, Grace is also passionate about leadership and community service. She coached Special Olympics nordic skiing throughout middle and high school. At the University of Pennsylvania, she is a leader with PennQuest, a pre-orientation program for incoming freshmen, centered on a backpacking and hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail. She has been a member of the Penn Club Field Hockey team since her freshman year. Grace values balance with her academics and achieves this by making time for artwork, cooking and baking, piano, and yoga. In the fall of 2020, Grace took a gap semester and spent it working with children at Trailside Discovery Camp (TDC), an outdoor environmental education program, in Anchorage, Alaska. She had the opportunity to write her own curriculum, lead outdoor programming and work with various age groups. Working at TDC fostered her enthusiasm for teaching kids and piquing her own intellectual curiosity. Grace is excited to support and motivate young students and share her passions for neuroscience and learning at Curious Cardinals.
Maya is double-majoring in Psychology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies at Yale University. In 2019, she graduated Valedictorian in her class of 375 students. Throughout high school, she was president of her school's National Honor Society and on the executive board for the science, english, and language honor societies. While playing varsity tennis and running track and field, she fulfilled her positions on her high school's FIRST Robotics team as strategy captain, programmer, designer, and business director. Maya is also the co-founder of the Mount Olive Community Fellowship, a program in partnership with the Mayor's Office, Health Department, Public Library, Land Conservancy of NJ, and district senator to increase voter outcome, provide academic assistance, and educate town members on preservation and sustainability. In her first two years of college, Maya grew from first-year liaison in the South Asian Society to co-director of the South Asian Youth Initiative, an international conference bringing light to issues affecting the South Asian diaspora. She is currently conducting research at the Affective Science and Culture Lab, reviewing literature related to infant-mother relationships in Rohingya refugees. She also works for the Social Gerontology and Health Lab, specifically with the Families Coping Together with Alzheimer's Disease Study and the Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, and Plan Study. Though Maya has dabbled in a multitude of interests, she has always had a love for math as seen through her six years of tutoring other students and hopes to inspire students to see its intersection with psychology and beyond.
Olivia is a Junior at Brown University studying Medical Anthropology and Health & Human Biology while also pursuing the pre-medical track. Olivia is interested in exploring the world of women’s health and reproductive endocrinology. Additionally, she is passionate about issues surrounding health care access and health disparities. Accordingly, Olivia serves as a head outreach worker with Brown’s “Housing Opportunities for People Everywhere” (HOPE) club, which provides supplies and support for housing insecure individuals in Providence. Outside of school, Olivia is an avid backpacker and sailor. She also loves to travel and spent three months of her gap year country-hopping around the world. Finally, Olivia loves cooking, especially when making food for others-- in March of 2020, she created an Instagram account so that she could continue sharing her creations while in quarantine. Olivia has many years of teaching and tutoring experience: she worked as a Brown University Organic Chemistry tutor for second-semester students, a biology tutor at her high school (Concord Academy), and a sailing coach for six years.
Paulina is pursuing an Innovation and Design Engineering degree at the Panamerican University (Mexico City). She graduated highschool in 2019, with a 35 point awarded IB Diploma, which certified subjects such as physics, visual arts and mathematics. Among other extracurricular activities, she was part of the school’s soccer team and danced hip-hop. She won a scholarship to participate in the International Summer Science Institute’s program in 2019, where she developed a project at a particle physics lab. There, she realized the importance of the role that design and engineering play when aiding science. In 2020, she was selected to be part of the student group, Inspire UP, where the top class students share their passions, leadership and commitment with other students to strive for a better community. She is also part of the design team of Dynamics UP, a student-driven project that aims to develop human body prosthetics at her university. Furthermore, she is an intern at the Design Department of the Engineering Faculty where she does design tendencies documental investigation, class content creation, assignments revisions and grading and innovative project proposals. Paulina has tutored elementary, middle school and high school students on subjects like math and physics, for three years. And she would love to extend these teaching skills to other subjects that inspire students to rethink the world that surrounds us and design towards a better one.
Brandon is a sophomore at Stanford University pursuing a major in economics with a minor in biology. During his junior year of high school, Brandon interned at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, where he investigated the transgenic suppression of the neuromuscular disease CMT2S using mice as a model organism. During his senior year of high school, Brandon interned at The MDI Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, where he investigated the effects of thermal and oxidative stress on killifish and zebrafish embryos respectively. Aside from biomedical research, Brandon is an avid classical violinist with extensive orchestral and ensemble experience. Most notably, Brandon was one of thirty-two violinists to participate in the 2018 National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America (NYO-USA), founded and organized by Carnegie Hall. As a member of NYO-USA, he performed at Carnegie Hall and throughout Asia with famed conductor Michael Tilson Thomas and classical pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet. This past summer, Brandon served as a Stanford Economics Research Assistant under Dr. Bhattacharya, where he observed and analyzed the relationship between COVID-19 vaccination for those 65 and older and COVID-19 mortality rate. Currently, Brandon is the Vice President of Marketing for Scholars of Finance and conducts research in the Sharaf Lab at Stanford, where he analyzes the lipoproteins of B. burgdorferi (Lyme disease bacteria) in hopes of uncovering potential therapeutics targets. As a mentor for Curious Cardinals, Brandon intends to provide a fun and fruitful learning environment for students passionate about all things biology and math.
Hannah is a senior at Harvard University, studying History and Science, with a focus on medicine and society. She is passionate about outdoor education and ran Harvard's oldest and largest outdoor orientation program comprised of over 500 participants and 100 leaders. She took the last year off from Harvard and moved to Paris to complete field research for her thesis in Paris hospitals and worked full time as a babysitter and a mentor through MIT. Before Harvard, Hannah took a gap year exploring South East Asia and Central America, teaching English, working at a surf hostel, and taking care of animals at a Safari Park. In High School, Hannah was a three season athlete, running cross-country and indoor and outdoor track. She graduated in the top 5% of her class and received awards for her work in service and inclusivity at her high school. Passionate about working with children, and the power of inclusive and creative teaching, Hannah is super excited to be a mentor with Curious Cardinals!
Daria is a senior majoring in International Relations with a minor in Human Rights. She is also a student athlete and member of the Women's Diving Team. Throughout her time at Stanford, she has held various research positions with professors in the Humanities Department. She just finished an internship at Stanford Management Company, where she learned how to invest and manage the Stanford endowment.
Madeline is pursuing a double major in Finance and Marketing at The Boston College Carroll School of Management. She is a strong advocate in teaching financial literacy, as it is important to understand how to manage money efficiently at a young age. In her senior year of high school, she was on the AJGA Scholastic Honor Roll and led her team to win the State Championships. Currently, Madeline is on the Women’s Varsity Golf Team at Boston College with a full athletic scholarship. In her freshman year of College, she won the Jackrabbit Invitational in Las Vegas. Her golf skills have helped her develop a strong foundation for other passions in her life. She knows what it takes to be successful and wants to guide others on that path. On top of golf, Madeline is very passionate about the arts, specifically painting, graphic design, and ballet. She is a believer in a strong mind and a strong body. At Curious Cardinals, she wants to help others find their passion and develop important skills they can carry with them for the rest of their lives!
Kilando Chambers is an undergraduate at Harvard College pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a focus track in Mind Brain Behavior (MBB) and a secondary in Statistics. Kilando graduated from Murrah High School in Jackson, MS, and there his passion for research and mentoring began. Kilando was apart of the Base Pair program at Murrah, a prestigious program that matched high school students with biomedical researchers at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC). Kilando studied viral capsids and cancer treatments in the microbiology department. While simultaneously interning with Base Pair, Kilando began a free peer-led ACT test prep program for the students in his school district, most of whom were low-income and black or brown students. Kilando has furthered his interests in teaching, community service, and research at Harvard College. Kilando is a recipient of the Harvard College Research Program stipend that allows him to independently research emotional avoidance and racial trauma in black people. Kilando has also worked with many start-up companies to improve educational access for underrepresented minorities through technology and AI. He also works with HAUSCR Summit for Young Leaders in China to educate students in China about queer topics. In his spare time, Kilando commits as much time as possible to tutoring students for college admissions exams. Kilando hopes to foster interest in psychology, neuroscience, statistics, and math with students at Curious Cardinals. Above all, Kilando wants people interested in any form of education to leave the classroom learning something new and unique about themselves.
Matt is building a web3/metaverse company backed by some of the biggest names in crypto. He is pioneering some of the innovate projects including the first-ever tokenized book, and launching his own currency ($MATT). He has previously worked at Facebook/Meta, YC-Backed Companies, and been a finalist for the top entrepreneurship competitions including Next 36, LORAN, and Human Capital. He is also passionate about the Venture Capital Space and has been a Venture Fellow at Ripple Ventures, VCFactory, and GenZ Scouts. Apart from the startup world, he loves sharing his insights on social tokens, accelerated learning, and the future of the metaverse.
Justin is a freshman at Stanford University where he is currently exploring their wide array of academic options. In particular, he enjoys computer science, writing, physics and music, among other subjects. He values an open mind and makes an effort to try new and unusual classes. Outside of school, Justin spends much of his time involved in music. He has been playing the piano since he was four, and he recently began singing a cappella as a member of the Stanford Mendicants. Music has taken Justin to the World Piano Competition in Cincinnati, the Boston University Tanglewood Institute and Carnegie Hall. He is also a member of the Stanford Debate Society and debated extensively on the national circuit in high school, where he amassed six bids to the TOC. Justin was a National Merit Scholar, National AP Scholar and Presidential Scholar Nominee in high school.
Satch is a junior at Brown University pursuing his Bachelor's of Science in Electrical Engineering. He is involved in a neuroelectronics lab and is the electrical engineering team lead of Engineering Medical Care Change (EMC2), a student-lead startup at Brown focused on developing solutions for epilepsy monitoring. Over the summer he worked for Greensight Agronomics, a drone startup working to provide smarter solutions to farming and agriculture. Outside of school, Satch enjoys music of all kinds, both creating and consuming. A self-taught pianist of 11 years and an avid guitarist and mallet percussionist, Satch is a member of Brown’s jazz band as well as a member of The Clementines, an indie rock band. Growing up in rural New York, he developed a love for the outdoors. He began skiing at four years old and went on to become a double-certified alpine/freestyle instructor at Belleayre Mountain in Highmount, NY. In addition to his diverse hobbies, Satch attributes many of his teaching philosophies to his academic upbringing. He spent his first three years of grade school at the Mountain Laurel Waldorf School in New Paltz, NY before sandwiching a year of Catholic school between two of homeschooling, all before landing at Onteora (public) Junior/High School in Boiceville, NY. Through all of this, his main takeaway was to always be open to trying new things and as a mentor at Curious Cardinals Satch hopes to instill in my students the same multifaceted approach to learning that I enjoy.
Omeed is a Senior at Stanford University pursuing a major in Bioengineering while on the pre-medical track. Growing up as the son of a refugee of the Iranian Revolution and South African anti-Apartheid activist, social justice has always been a central part of his life. As a Junior at Uni High School in Champaign, Illinois he organized 300 of his classmates and teachers to march to the local mosque in protest of President Trump's Muslim Ban which unjustly prevented his extended family in Tehran from travelling to the U.S. At Stanford, Omeed is the Captain and Co-President of the Stanford Men's Club Soccer team, having received a tryout offer from the Division I Varsity Team. In addition, he is very involved in the Pacific Free Clinic as a Preclinical Volunteer and Laboratory Assistant, providing free vaccinations, taking patient histories, and conducting physical exams and blood tests on refugees, immigrants, uninsured and unemployed members of the San Jose, CA community. As a mentor at Curious Cardinals he hopes to use his privilege to give back to marginalized communities and be a mentor figure to follow in the footsteps of the older students, parents, and teachers that helped him get to where he is today.
Idriss is graduating from Minerva University in May with a double-degree in Business and Data Science. He coached more than 40+ entrepreneurs in shaping their start-ups and has been operating his own digital consultancy company in Morocco for a bit over a year. He believes in the power of small-scale businesses and that you do not need to be backed by YC to create your own company.
Hannah recently graduated with distinction from Stanford University, where she received a BA in History (concentrating in US History) and completed a Spanish minor. After studying abroad for two quarters in Madrid, she wrote her history honors thesis on Spanish immigration to Tampa, Florida at the turn of the twentieth century. Hannah spent her senior year researching for the American Voices Project at Stanford’s Center on Poverty and Inequality, where she conducted in-depth interviews of study participants from across the country and qualitatively coded data to illuminate themes about the several crises Americans are currently facing. At Stanford, she also taught as a TA in the Sociology Department and researched at Stanford’s Center for International Security and Cooperation. In her free time, Hannah enjoys reading, playing the violin, and traveling.
Josh is an undergraduate at Yale University, where he studies English literature. Originally from southern New Jersey, Josh has always loved reading anything that he can get his hands on, ever since he could first read. He especially loves to engage with literature through the practice of creative writing—he is always working to hone his craft and he loves to work with other writers. Josh elected to take a gap semester in the fall of 2020, spending the time in his hometown as a private tutor for a group of middle-school students. Though his most extensive experience is as a freelance SAT tutor for high-school students, Josh has also volunteered tutoring pre-K students at a bilingual school just outside of New Haven. Outside of educational contexts, Josh worked as a full-time literary intern for a creative memoir and short fiction author in summer 2021. Through this apprenticeship, Josh gained exposure to the experience of writing as a career; his responsibilities included draft-editing, critical reading, website design, and historical research. In his free time, Josh loves listening to music, traveling with friends, and baking with his family. Josh is very excited to be a part of the Curious Cardinals team and he can’t wait to help you explore your passions!
Ndubueze Tony Okonkwo is a Nigerian American Columbia college student who attended Chaminade highschool in Mineola, New York. During his highschool years he participated in Track and Field as a short distance sprinter where he began to develop a love for fitness. In highschool he also participated and served as the chief art editor for his school’s literary and art magazine and was the chief art editor for his school’s newspaper. Along with that he had the privilege to serve as the president of his school’s art club. Apart from art he also has a love for music which he fostered as an officer in his school’s glee club and a member of his school’s vocal chamber ensemble which performed at a number of esteemed concerts including but not limited to at NYAC and Carnegie hall. In his classes he also excelled finishing in the top 10 percent of his grade of 500 students. He is currently in his third year of college as a psychology major. He is also on a pre-med track being encouraged by his physician parents to pursue a career in health care. He hopes to give back by offering his services as a reconstructive plastic surgeon. To guide him towards this medical path Ndubueze has taken the time to assist his community in a number of ways during his college experience. He has spent time assisting in hospitals as both a student and an aid for rural hospitals in Wichita, Kansas as well as aiding his parents on mission trips to NIgeria to offer free medical care to the underprivileged civilians. In conjunction with his passion in medicine Ndubueze is also incredibly passionate about visual art and storytelling. He utilizes his gift in the arts to give back as well by participating as an educator in the Arts and Minds organization that hopes to combat the effects of age on the elderly using art as a form of therapy as well as being a member and contributor to the artists reaching out program which helps organize art education for underprivileged children as a form of extracurricular. On his own Ndubueze further pursues his passions in art and storytelling by being a comic book writer and illustrator in the manga style and has written and self published his first book Rune Symbol Volume One and is currently working on his second book and a novel as well. In his free time Ndubueze loves to spend time reading and listening to stories and books in the horror genre. Apart from this he is also interested in fitness and health, enjoying weight lifting and running. His goal in life is to be able to use his artistic skill to give back to his community while also creating works people can enjoy and bring people together.
Eugene is a senior at Boston College studying Applied Psychology, Computer Science, and Cybersecurity. He has always been tutoring since high school, from Science Olympiad to cybersecurity across various age groups. In junior & senior year of high school, Eugene placed within the top 12 teams in a nationwide cybersecurity competition and subsequently interned at LAUSD to help students become involved in cybersecurity careers. He also helped underserved schools in Los Angeles develop their STEM programs through 3D printing, and provided SAT tutoring for both English and non-English speaking high school students. Most recently, he interned at ServiceNow, a workflow management software company, and will return as a Information Security analyst after graduation. Eugene is focused on teaching SAT, math, writing, reading, and aims for teaching students lifelong study skills!
Shannon is a technical program manager at Scale AI, a startup with the mission of accelerating the development of AI applications. She's a recent graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, where she studied Data Science (with a focus on digital humanities and data ethics) and Global Development (with a focus on China). The intersection of technology and policy is a rich and dense area of exploration. During college, Shannon volunteered as a Bluebonnet data fellow, helping political campaigns organize their data during the 2020 election, and as a NASA Datanaut, using NASA's opensource data to make cool visualizations and generate insights. She published a report with Professor Clair Brown detailing the financial risk of fossil fuel investment for California's public pension fund, and she's collaborated with the Cal Policy Lab on a report regarding policy to reduce recidivism and repeat hospitalizations in Californian counties. When she's not mulling over these intellectual pursuits, you can find her falling off her surfboard, drinking lots of Philz coffee, throwing pots at the wheel, scrolling on her phone next to a pile of interesting books, and consuming spicy hot pot.
Noah is a violinist, composer, and computer-music person from New York. He just finished his undergraduate at Stanford, double majoring in both ”Music, Science, and Technology” and “Symbolic Systems (Computer Music)”. He’s beginning a masters at Stanford next year to continue composing at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). As an undergraduate, Noah received a grant to compose for 10 weeks in Berlin, wrote pieces for visiting ensembles, and had his work performed in graduate-level contexts. Noah has deep knowledge in all things sound and music related. He has studied music theory, history, avant-garde, and classical composition techniques, such as orchestration and film scoring. He has built his own instruments with DIY electronics, composed pieces for hundreds of speakers, and written traditional music for string quartets and other ensembles. A lot of his coursework has explored the overlap with computer science and music, from algorithmic composition to AI and machine learning in musical contexts. He is excited to teach (and learn from) anyone curious about sound, coming from any background or experience level!
Katie Fong (she/her) is currently pursuing a major in Art History with a minor in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity at Stanford University. She has previously worked in curatorial, collections, and engagement roles at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Cantor Arts Center, Stanford; and the National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan. Most recently, she held a development role at the International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York, where she supported residencies for global artists and curators and the inaugural cohort of the Vision Fund, dedicated solely to contemporary BIPOC artists. Katie is passionate about decolonization and equity in the art world, and sees art curation, education, and praxis as tools towards our collective liberation. Her art history writing serves as an art form in itself— a poetic space for exploring the entanglements of identity, Otherness, personal and collective history, and diaspora. In high school, Katie was a finalist in the International Public Policy Forum, a Varsity swimmer, an Oral Interpreter, and a musical theater actress. In addition to working as an ambassador for the National Palace Museum back home in Taipei, she also mentored new youth docents, teaching them Chinese art history and public-speaking. When she is not haunting art museums and galleries, Katie enjoys painting, singing (both solo and in Stanford Mixed Company acapella!), traveling the world, living-room dancing, reading beautiful prose, and cultivating radical care.
Ada is a native Vermonter who loves skiing, hiking in the woods, and spending quality time with family and friends. As a junior at Boston College, Ada is pursuing a degree in psychology and marketing. She is a strong proponent of lifelong learning and devotes her time to studying the intersection between psychology and education, discovering the most effective ways to receive, integrate, and recall information. Apart from her studies, Ada loves to creatively write whether it be poetry about beautiful fall leaves or short stories about growing up on her small horse farm. She applies her writing skills more practically as a staff writer for the Boston College student-run newspaper, The Heights, and for her position as a publications assistant in the Boston College Carroll School of Management communications department. Though she is an active person, Ada loves nothing more than to sit down and appreciate a good book, song, or film. Her creativity comes out in her writing as well as her experimental cooking methodology that she has inherited through family traditions and lots of trial and error. She incorporates this mentality into her teaching style by encouraging students to take calculated risks with a positive attitude towards mistakes and revision. Join Ada in a life of learning in Spanish, literate, creative writing, psychology, math, and even cooking!
Kenneth is a first-year PhD student in Psychiatry at the University of Oxford. He previously graduated from Harvard with a BA in Neuroscience. Kenneth is passionate about the interdisciplinary study of consciousness.
Alex is a student at Yale and a graduate of the International Baccalaureate at United World College-USA, one of 18 international boarding schools in the UWC network. He is from Brooklyn, NY and is an alumnus of Brooklyn Technical High School. He co-leads the UWC-USA Model United Nations team and the Student Organization for Admissions and Alumni Relations. At Brooklyn Tech, he was also an active member of his policy debate team, math team, school newspaper, and National Honor Society. He enjoys giving back to the Tech and NYC community by volunteering for the city's Urban Debate League, the city Department of Education, and the Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation.Alex's other experiences include an apprenticeship at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York and an internship at Con Edison, one of the largest utility companies in the United States. He is also the author of three math research papers on topics ranging from applied graph theory to cryptography. He is a proud UWC Davis Scholar, Coolidge Senator, AP Scholar with Distinction, National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist, and a winner of the Jefferson Scholarship.In his free time, Alex enjoys reading, journaling, playing tennis and hiking. He encourages Curious Cardinals students to work hard at pursuing their passions and to remember that their learning is a marathon, not a sprint!
Matthew is an undergraduate student at Yale University, where he plans to major in History and Political Science. A Connecticut native, Matthew appreciates the opportunity to expand his connection to New Haven through academia and extracurriculars. In high school, he took a wide variety of A.P. courses, including U.S. History, Human Geography, and Language & Composition, as well as dual-enrolled courses through the University of Connecticut. Outside of class, Matthew sat on his school district’s Board of Education and the Connecticut Association of Schools’ Student Equity Advisory Board, both of which provided him with unique exposure to education administration. At Yale, Matthew has appreciated the opportunity to meet and collaborate with peers from around the world and explore new experiences outside of his comfort zone. He has been most engaged with coursework on history and the U.S. legal system, taking classes on topics such as bioethics, intellectual property law, and economics. Independently, he enjoys reading Supreme Court slip opinions and is passionate about expanding LGBTQ+ rights through systems of law. Matthew also works as a Recruitment Coordinator at the Yale Office of Undergraduate Admissions and on the business team of the Yale Journal of Politics and Culture (the Yale Politic). This summer, he will be studying international political economy and foreign policy at the London School of Economics. In his free time, Matthew enjoys listening to podcasts about social sciences, exploring new restaurants with friends, and jogging to Y2K hits. He has greatly appreciated getting to work with students throughout his life, and he is excited to help cultivate academic curiosity with others.
Lydia received her Master’s from the University of Cambridge in 2021, where she earned a Distinction for her research on modern Arabic poetry adapted from ancient Greek tragedy. She studied Classics and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at Harvard, where she graduated summa cum laude in 2020. An avid linguist, Lydia is proficient in Arabic, French, Ancient Greek, and Latin, and loves discovering the connections between these languages and the history of the Mediterranean region, from ancient times to modern day. Lydia grew up in Arlington, Virginia, but has taught writing, ancient literature, archaeology, art, and mythology across the world. She has worked in the Cultural Section of the U.S. Embassy in Algiers, Algeria, and developed student programming materials for museums in Washington, DC and Amman, Jordan. She believes that the arts and humanities should be accessible to all students, no matter their background. At Harvard, she tutored undergraduates in academic writing, and in high school she developed and taught an after-school program about the ancient world for elementary and middle-school students. Lydia is happiest when traipsing about ruined ancient sites, spending too long in art museums, and searching for the best vanilla iced latte wherever she visits! At Curious Cardinals, Lydia is eager to teach subjects which touch on literature, language, history, and world cultures. Above all, she is keen to learn from her students and their fresh perspectives, and to engage their passions!
Holland Ferguson is pursuing a major in Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University. Her academic interests also include electrical engineering, biology (particularly ecology), mathematical computational science, and music. At Stanford, outside of classes, Holland is currently involved in the Stanford Space Initiative’s Liquid Propulsion and Satellite Avionics teams. In addition, she also recently joined the Stanford Solar Car Aeronautics team. Before attending Stanford, Holland took a gap year where she interned with SpaceX’s Flight Reliability Team for eight months and helped conduct coral bleaching research as a dive assistant in partnership with the Seychelles National Parks Association. Holland has also interned for the drone company FlightWave and rocket launch company SpinLaunch. In addition to graduating Cum Laude from Greenwich Academy in 2020, Holland received multiple awards from the school and town of Greenwich for her contributions to the community and to the performing arts. During high school, Holland was involved in many activities aimed at promoting women in STEM fields. Upon noticing a lack in her school’s physics and engineering curriculum, Holland founded the school’s first rocketry team to compete in a national rocketry competition, the Team America Rocketry Challenge. In addition, she also developed and taught two engineering classes for middle school girls focused on the basics of circuitry and designing/3D printing model rockets. When she is not working on her newest engineering project, Holland enjoys scuba diving, singing, hiking, and watching animal documentaries. At Curious Cardinals, Holland is excited to share her love of all things engineering and inspire her students to reach their full potential!
Beyer is currently a sophomore at Princeton University, concentrating in mathematics and potentially pursuing certificates in music composition and applied math. Regarding his mathematical research interests, he has recently gravitated towards topics lying at the intersection of number theory, geometry, and representation theory. Though he now lives in Santa Fe, NM, he grew up in Montclair, NJ, where he graduated from Montclair Kimberley Academy in 2020. Above all else, Beyer is fascinated by Beauty, that elusive phenomenon which appears when a seamless unity emerges from chaos, when all of the pieces fit together perfectly as if Nature preordained the puzzle. He often finds himself drawing on the medieval idea of the liber mundi: the Universe is like a book, indeed a great work of, perhaps literally speaking, world literature. And the language in which that book was written must be none other than the universal language of Beauty: mathematics. For him, then, studying mathematics is an exercise in expanding the imagination: with it, one can build whole worlds. Besides pure mathematics, Beyer harbors a plethora of other interests: philosophy, theoretical physics, general linguistics, banana history, etc. He spends his free time watching films, appreciating great paintings, and adoring music. He plays the classical guitar and the Renaissance lute and desires to expand into other early plucked instruments as well as into the electric guitar. At Curious Cardinals, Beyer hopes to animate his students' imagination and curiosity by showing them just how inspiring Beauty, the muse of infinite wonderment, can be!
During her freshman year at Minerva University, Guzel worked as a content creator with the SF Art&Film organization that is committed to providing Bay Area youth opportunities to discover and discuss different forms of art, film, and performing arts. Additionally, in her sophomore year, Guzel worked as a Laboratory Research Assistant at Hanyang University, where she researched different technologies that aim to improve efficiency and performance in power systems. Currently, Guzel is working on Capstone (thesis paper) that is focused on consumer behavior, specifically how psychological factors and consumer behavior have changed after the beginning of the pandemic.
Babi is pursuing a major in History in Literature with a focus in Ethnic Studies from Harvard University, as well as a major in Contemporary Art History. Babi received a summa grade on her senior thesis on the intersections of art and race / feminist theory, making her eligible for the extremely prestigious Hoopes Prize. Babi has experience in a number of different fields, from media conglomerates and talent agencies to cultural institutions like museums and newspapers. As a seasoned tutor and mentor, Babi is excited to work with Curious Cardinals. In particular, Babi is skilled at explaining complex subjects to students and meeting the students at their given level of understanding. She is very well equipped to work with students interested in writing, communications, history, content creation, art, audience outreach, creative expression, speech and oration, race and gender studies, activism, farming and agriculture, and other similar topics. Babi currently works part-time at McKinsey & Company as a Digital Editorial Assistant. When she's not working or in class, she is writing, reading, or learning a new skill.
Timi is pursuing a major in Symbolic Systems (concentration in bio design and healthcare) with a minor in Civil Engineering Architecture at Stanford University. She grew up in the southwest attending Albuquerque Academy. In high school, Timi was a three-time high jump state champion and school record holder, co-president of the student senate, and recipient of the senior Academy Award. She spent much of her high school career taking AP science classes, working in research labs at the University of New Mexico, and shadowing dermatologists. At Stanford, Timi is the President of Stanford FashionX and the Vice President of recruitment for Stanford Women in Business. She has had work experience with small tech startups and recently worked for Amyris Biotechnology to launch their consumer brand JVN Hair. Currently, she is an intern at Indigo Venture Lab for Mental Health and Inner-Transformation. In her free time, she loves going to the movies, reading books, watching vintage runway clips, and designing furniture.
David is pursuing a Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology at Boston College. He is graduating this Winter, and currently holds a 3.7 cumulative GPA on the premed track. Additionally, David recently took the MCAT (medical college admissions test), scoring within the top 4% of test takers. He spends much of his time outside of classes at a Diabetes research lab on campus, which aims to target the microbiome as a possible therapeutic agent. David has had several leadership experiences in various programs and projects, including but not limited to his experiences as Vice President and cofounder of Volunteers Around the World (collegiate medical service trip club), a community leader for Boston College’s Korean Student Association, and as a head coach for East Boston Neighborhood Health Center’s Let’s Get Movin’ after school fitness program. He has many passions outside of his extracurriculars, such as playing basketball, learning classical and jazz piano, and investing in emerging markets. Over the course of his tutoring experiences, David has developed a teaching philosophy centered around improving the self esteem and efficacy of the student, to ultimately motivate and inspire growth.
Hannah graduated from UC Berkeley in 2020 with a double major in Art History and Psychology. A Los Angeles native, she graduated cum laude from Harvard-Westlake High School before earning Highest Distinction at Berkeley with a GPA in the top 3% of her class. In college, Hannah applied her interest in perinatal health to work at Planned Parenthood’s Los Angeles headquarters and to serve as a research assistant coding legal, medical, and policy data around the evolution of the child welfare system. In her second year of research, she was promoted to lead other researchers in qualitative data analysis using MaxQDA. When her interests shifted to the art world in her junior year of college, Hannah began working at the Gagosian Gallery in San Francisco, helping to prepare exhibitions for the artists Robert Therrien, Richard Prince, and Giuseppe Penone. Soon after, she worked as a public relations assistant for clients such as the Contemporary Jewish Museum and FOG Design+Art, San Francisco’s leading contemporary art fair. Her art history studies culminated in the focus “Art and Social Engagement,” foregrounding ways in which artists have strategically used performance and public space in their work. Most recently, Hannah has committed to attending NYU Law School with a Dean’s Award Scholarship as a member of the Class of 2024. In her free time, she enjoys cooking with produce from her garden and practicing yoga and meditation. She is excited to use her diverse skillset to engage with and grow her students’ passions!
VJ is an undergraduate at UT Dallas majoring in Biochemistry who is passionate about microbiology, organic chemistry and education. In junior year of high school in India, she won a national science competition which enabled her school to set up a robotics lab worth 30,000$. More recently, she’s worked at the Exoplanet Lab at UTD, proofreading proposals and assisting with filtering and sorting data from various cameras that capture the night sky. She’s also worked with non-profits to tutor children from the Middle East in English and develop social media and blog content for small organizations. Due to her love for languages, she’s been engaged as an officer in clubs like Toastmasters, the Korean Language Club and the Japanese Language Club on campus. Since she also loves art, she’s extremely involved in creating fun flyers and emails for the Biochemistry Student Association and beautifying discord servers that she’s a part of. Someday, she hopes to conduct research in virology or biopharmaceuticals and travel the world! Meanwhile, her nose is also buried deep in literature, manga and webtoons and she loves listening to music from all around the world. At Curious Cardinals, VJ aims to make chemistry and biology fun and engaging and inspire students to love these branches of science!
A podcast host, film producer, and business student Skye pursues various passions with excitement and fervor. Through her studies in Data Science and Film Production at NYU Stern-Tisch, Skye finds the intersection of her interests in the future of streaming and entertainment innovations. At Curious Cardinals, Skye aims to encourage other students to develop their various passions even when their confluence is not yet clear.
Sahar Mohammadzadeh is a senior at Harvard College studying government and economics interested in the intersection of businesses, policy, and media. On campus, Sahar served on the Executive Board as Director of Communications for the Harvard Institute of Politics, the country’s largest politics and public service student organization. She also was an Associate Director of the Harvard College Consulting Group, helping Fortune 500s, public institutions, start-ups, and non-profits solve high-impact business challenges. She also enjoyed working as the President of the Harvard College Iranian Association. Off campus, Sahar served on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Postsecondary Value Commission and conducted research for National Geographic as one of their four international Youth Explorers, studying the role of funding and capital on global youth-led organizations. After working at CNN on Fareed Zakaria’s production team, this upcoming summer, Sahar will be an investment analyst for Insight Partners, a software private equity and venture capital group. For fun Sahar can be found baking, going skiing whenever possible, and befriending local baristas.
Trey Sullivan is currently a freshman at Harvard University planning to concentrate in History & Literature with a secondary degree in Philosophy. He graduated magna cum laude from The Roxbury Latin School where he was the president of the school’s debate program, as well as associate editor of the school’s newspaper and captain of the junior varsity soccer team. Trey was also a four-year varsity athlete in Track & Field and on the executive committee of his school’s Model United Nations club. As a senior, Trey was awarded his school’s debate and French prizes, signifying the most successful student in each respective field. Building on his interest in politics, Trey spent the summer after his junior year working as a U.S. Senate Page on Capitol Hill. After graduating, Trey took a gap year in which he spent half of the year working on several local and national political campaigns, before traveling to Paris to study French language and literature at La Sorbonne. Trey is a foodie at heart. He loves cooking dishes from around the world, as well as exploring the world’s greatest food cities (his current favorite is New Orleans). Trey also enjoys writing. Amidst the Black Lives Matter protests of this past summer, he published his first piece on Medium entitled “Respectability Politics Have Got to Go.” When he isn’t cooking, eating, or writing, Trey loves to read, play board games with his younger brother, and listen to 90s R&B.
Bryant is a pursuing a major in Computer Science at Stanford University with a focus in Natural Language Processing. He attended the only residential STEM school in Mississippi, participating in football, track & field, science bowl, and (most importantly) robotics. His aforementioned love for robotics has led him to qualify for the VEX Robotics World Championship. He also enjoyed tinkering with Unity and producing passable games. At Stanford, Bryant enjoys singing in an all-original comedy A Capella group, Fleet Street. He also is a TA for Stanford's introductory computer science courses CS106A and CS106B. Aside from computer languages, Bryant is interested in learning languages across globe, currently learning German, Hindi, and Spanish. Upon completion of his academic endeavors, Bryant plans to make meaningful contributions to his home state of Mississippi and increase support for STEM for schools in under-resourced areas. Until then he will continue learning and find more ways to stay engaged with his community.
Mia grew up acting professionally in the D.C. theatre scene and has worked at acclaimed regional theatres such as Ford’s Theatre, Arena Stage, and Signature Theatre. She is a proud alumna of Interlochen Arts Academy, where she studied acting, directing, voice and dance. At the Boston Conservatory, Mia is President of the New Ground Theatre Company, a student-run company that produces cutting-edge new work. Mia is fluent in Spanish and worked at the GALA Theatre, a bilingual theatre company in Washington D.C. She has also worked as the Marketing and Social Media intern for Arlekin Players, a regional theatre company in Massachusetts. Mia teaches a variety of acting methods, from Linklater’s foundational vocal work, Stanislavski’s emotion memory technique, to Laban and Grotowski’s physical theater techniques. She provides a foundational toolkit for her students, as they deep-delve into the incredible art form of theater and learn what acting techniques allow them to be their most truthful and creative selves.
Justin is an undergraduate at New York University studying Business and Finance with an accounting concentration. As an aspiring investment banker, he has extensive experience in financial modeling, equity research, and more. Right now he is the Director of the banking track in his finance club, and oversees all advanced curriculum and runs the stock pitch competitions. He is also currently interning at an investment bank in Austin, TX, developing extensive research reports on multiple companies. Originally from Westport, Connecticut, Justin enjoys spending his time hiking, kayaking, going to the gym, and collecting fragrances. An advocate for hands-on and visual learning, Justin incorporates this into his own teachings whilst maintaining an encouraging environment of trial and error and learning from mistakes.
Leilani is a senior studying Product Design and dance at Stanford University. She took a gap year to dance professionally with Ballet Austin after her sophomore year where she learned to be adaptable, think on her feet, and heed corrections quickly. Leilani has had a wide variety of work experiences from working with a social venture that teaches social emotional learning through play to kids to an edtech startup focused on getting teenage girls into coding. She has interests in education, women's health, and art! In her free time, you’ll find her having solo dance parties, chilling in cafes, and pondering existential questions!
Malachi is a junior at Harvard College studying History & Literature and African American studies. Outside of class, he has written journalism, film and music reviews, and creative pieces for The Harvard Crimson and The Harvard Ichthus and recently founded Indigo Magazine, Harvard’s only major Black publication. He recently completed a comedy writing internship and writes and performs stand-up comedy in his free time. A recruit to Harvard’s Policy Debate team, Malachi was a nationally ranked and 2x Georgia State Championship winning Policy Debater at Woodward Academy and has previously worked as an intern for Senator Raphael Warnock and Senator (then congressional candidate) Jon Ossoff. The son of two preachers, Malachi spends at least as much time thinking about Christian theology and ethics as he does thinking about food, literature, music, comedy, and film.
Gia, a sophomore at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, is currently pursuing a double major in Journalism and Political Science. Hailing from the BEST city in the world–New York City–Gia went to Trinity School where she graduated in 2020. At Trinity, she was engaged in a number of academic and extracurricular activities including being Vice President of Trinity's Senate; president of her acapella group, Women of Color, and South Asian Affairs; as well as being the recipient of The Class of 1995 Spirit Award and the Faculty Award in her senior year. Until last year, Gia worked with students to develop their reading and writing skills and additionally tutored children in piano and music theory. Gia played piano competitively throughout high school, and was a member of the Young People’s Chorus of NYC for six years. After graduating from Trinity, Gia attended New York University for one year and was named a member of the Presidential Honors Society for her academic performance.This past fall, she transferred to Northwestern where she currently studies (and freezes!). At Northwestern, Gia is an alto in X-Factors acapella and an editorial board member for Spoon University, a food literary magazine where she’s a frequent contributor. Gia is a humanities enthusiast—she loves to read and write, and is extremely passionate about politics, economics, and issues of civil justice reform having worked at the United Nations and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Gia is a passionate learner who is always ready for new challenges and learning opportunities.
Sohayla Eldeeb is a student at Stanford University studying biology. She is a student activist serving as the current Director of Global Outreach at Zero Hour. Zero Hour is a youth-led movement that has organized the first youth-led march on Capitol Hill with an intersectional platform that focuses on climate justice. Sohayla's passion for climate justice started in Egypt where she curated a climate campaign focused on youth education. Aside from her activism, Sohayla pursues research on the intersection of climate and health at Stanford University, specifically focusing on hospital sustainability and community health. Intertwining her interests in public health and the environmental crisis, Sohayla works on researching the effects of the climate crisis on infectious diseases as well as the ongoing influx of climate refugees. She hopes her involvement within the movement will aid and inspire the path of other youth pursuing activism to better their futures.
I am pursuing a major in Human Biology with a concentration in Child Development and a minor in Education. In 2019, I was Cum Laude and won the Public Service Award at Cate School. At Stanford, I am a project manager for the Design Education team in Stanford Women in Design, where she leads workshops on branding, marketing, and storytelling. She is also the Teaching Coordinator for Flying Treehouse, a children’s theater group that teaches creative writing to 2nd and 3rd graders, then transforms their stories into skits and songs so students can see their stories come to life. In the past few months, she has contributed to grant writing for the nonprofit Bridging Tech Charitable Fund, which was designed to bridge the digital divide by providing tutoring and devices to students at homeless shelters. I am also an Undergraduate Research Assistant with a remote learning lab in the Stanford Graduate School of Education.  Outside of Stanford, I explored my interest in Early Childhood Education at the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco where I created caregiver guides with technology-free tips and activities to do with kids ages 2-5. I love to engage in my own creative practices like drawing, painting, writing, and cooking. In all, I am a passionate educator who aims to foster creative confidence in students of all ages. 
Darwin is a senior at Stanford University studying Psychology with a Neuroscience track. He is also on the Pre-Medical track. Growing up, Darwin has faced a lot of life challenges, but has managed to persevere and accomplish a lot of his goals using those challenges as motivation. Darwin is proud to be FLI (First Generation Low-Income), and hopes he can share his experiences with students to inspire and help them grow. He is passionate about helping others, in as many ways as possible. At Stanford, he plays goalie for the Men’s Club Soccer team, and is working to start the very first skateboarding club at the university. He is also involved in research, both wet-lab research and clinical research at the Stanford School of Medicine. As a mentor at Curious Cardinals, he hopes to provide the help students need and show them that anything is possible and that there’s no single way to do things.
Scott is a master’s student in statistics at Stanford University, with a bachelor’s in mathematics and minor in computer science. Scott seeks to use his statistical skills to better understand the world and tackle complex problems. As a huge sports fan, this has led him down a path in sports analytics, as he tries to better understand the game and help players and teams improve. For years he wrote for hockey outlets such as Blueshirt Banter and DobberHockey, using analytics to write about the New York Rangers and fantasy hockey. In 2019 he was invited to present his original research on special teams at the Seattle Hockey Analytics Conference. In the summer of 2022 he interned with the Arizona Cardinals in their analytics department. His favorite sports include hockey, American football, beach volleyball, and football. Outside of work he enjoys weight lifting and other physical activities, such as cycling, obstacle course racing, and parkour. Scott loves to talk about music, quantum physics, nutrition, and interesting problems.
Vera is a sophomore at Harvard studying English and Educational Studies. She is passionate about literature, debate, and teaching, and she hopes to pursue a career in education policy. At Harvard, Vera writes for the Crimson Magazine and volunteers with the Phillips Brooks House Association and the Institute of Politics.
Phuong is a third-year undergraduate student from Minerva University where she travels for seven countries across four years with classmates from over 70 countries. She is studying Brand Management and Psychology at Minerva and running an education startup in Vietnam. Phuong loves connecting people over meaningful conversations, courses, and workshops. Phuong wants to help students back home regain the joy in learning and get inspired about various paths and adventures out there in the world. As a mentor at Curious Cardinals, she also hopes to do the same with students.
Noah is currently a senior at Harvard College studying History and Literature, with a focus on American studies. On campus, Noah is a member of Harvard’s radio organization, WHRB, where he is on the news station. Noah has also been involved with the Harvard Democrats and has contributed written pieces to Harvard’s political magazine, the Harvard Political Review. Noah has a particular interest in the American 20th Century and has taken many classes on the literature and history of that period. Noah is also very passionate about American politics, and this excitement has led him to work on several campaigns throughout the past few days. Most recently, in the fall of 2020 he worked as a field organizer for the Maine Democrats in support of Congressman Jared Golden’s reelection. Noah is originally from Los Angeles, California, and attended the high school Harvard-Westlake, where, in his senior year, he won an academic award for his history studies. In his free time, Noah loves watching movies, playing tennis, going on hikes, and hanging out with friends. As a member of Curious Cardinals, Noah hopes to inspire students to further develop their academic interests and to offer the type of support that he is so grateful to have had from some of his favorite teachers over the years.
Maheem is pursuing a double major in Political and Economic Development, and Historical Forces from Minerva University. She is a Pakistani student who has lived in San Francisco, Berlin, Seoul, Kenya, and will soon travel to London, Buenos Aires, and Taipei, as part of her undergraduate program. She is passionate about feminism, minority rights, and loves exploring the intersection of arts and education to create awareness and solutions for social justice issues. She values independence, creativity, ingenuity, and hopes to inspire these values in her students!

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