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Work one-on-one with a college mentor to receive enrichment or academic support.

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Josue Gil-Silva

Stanford University
Josué is pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Product Realization at Stanford University. In 2019, he graduated from Alisal High School in Salinas, California as the Valedictorian and four year captain of the Varsity basketball team. Growing up in a community of predominantly Latino immigrants opened his eyes to the large inequalities in society. He has been involved in various forms of activism in his community, including helping found the Monterey County Black and Brown Solidarity Coalition this summer, where they organized a 14-mile march to speak against police brutality and systematic racism. In addition, Josué’s passion for engineering and design came from when he joined the Robotics club in high school and his team won first place at a regional competition. This opened his eyes to the myriad of creative projects that can be done through engineering. Since then, he has worked on addressing issues like socioeconomic inequity in solar energy through his internship with Shake Energy Collaborative, to currently working on a product to address the issue of global hunger with the Stanford Social Entrepreneurship Student Association. He also serves as a Team Manager for the Men’s Basketball Team and founded a custom shoe painting business with his dad and brother. Whether you have a design idea or want to learn Spanish, Josué is eager to speak with students about any of his passions. He is a big believer in “learning by doing”, and he is excited to collaborate with students on any curiosities they might have!
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Create a project to apply your passions to the real world.

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Daniel Carter
Developer at Webflow
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Why Us?

Our Vision

Curious Cardinals creates a community of lifelong learners and doers, celebrating the diversity of every member. We believe that students are most productive when they pursue passions that bring purpose to their life, in both our K-12 students and our college teachers.

Our Values

There should be no racial, financial, or cultural barriers to pursuing your passion. We harness technology to create diverse and inclusive global classrooms accessible to all curious students.

Our Partners

We work in conjunction with schools to spark passion in students and help them apply the knowledge they learn in traditional classes to the real world.

Our Pedagogy

Curious Cardinals is at the intersection of peer-to-peer, passion-based, and project-based learning. We shift students from being passive learners to active thinkers, engagers, creators, and agents of the change they want to see in the world.

Why Students Love Curious Cardinals

Curious Cardinals has been such a fun, enjoyable learning experience, and I've loved being able to pursue my passions in interesting classes taught by mentors who inspire me. The workshops make online learning very exciting and engaging, and the classes, along with the community of Curious Cardinals, are truly unique.

Curious Cardinals helped me pursue my passions to an extent that no regular school could provide... Having a college mentor allowed me to see how I could pursue my passions in college in a variety of settings.

Curious Cardinals has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and explore topics I never knew I enjoyed. They have pushed me to be the best version of myself and give everything a go!