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Our mentors are hand-selected to be the ideal match for your student.

We focus on identifying the traits and qualities that would best help students connect with their mentors. Because who you’re learning from is just as important as what you’re learning.

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we have 290 mentors from 39 colleges and universities, across 8+ disciplines with expertise in 147 topics.

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If we don’t already have the IDEAL mentor for your student, we’ll recruit them.

Each student receives their own personalized learning plan.

Our team will work with you to design a learning plan that targets your learner’s greatest opportunities for growth. We specialize in helping students succeed academically and gain a competitive edge with a passion project.

Our programs are perfect for kids that:

Struggle in an academic subject
Want to get ahead
Lack overall study skills and executive functioning
Have a learning difference
Want to do something impressive for college
Want to create a passion project
Have a niche interest or curiosity
Want to find a passion spark
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Our mentorship model is supported by four pillars:
Near-peer mentorship
Learning from a college student who's not too much older in age than yourself so they can set out the path to where they got to and make it feel attainable.

Our mentors were in your students shoes not too long ago. We also grew up on social media. We also had our education halted by the pandemic. We get it!
Passion based learning
Starting with students' existing interests and showing their applications in interdisciplinary ways… whether that be sports and learning sports analytics or sports journalism or cosmetics/your daily skincare routine and learning cosmetic chemistry.

It’s also about anchoring learning in the why. In the workplace, everyone should know how their day to day tasks ladder up to a greater north star goal. In school, we don’t tell students why they’re learning geometry or reading Shakespeare, so of course they ‘lack buy-in.’
Project based learning
Many of our engagements culminate in project deliverables but more than anything its about the ethos…

We aim to detach that fear of failure and encourage exploration.
Representation Matters
You are what you can see.

Whether it's your race, gender, a learning difference you have, your aspiration to be a college athlete, we want to match you to a mentor who you can see yourself in.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our community has to say:

Asher is an engaging mentor who inspires my son to love learning. Igniting intellectual passion is the key to creating life long learners who never stop wanting to understand and grow and my son is lucky to have Asher as a partner in his unusual covid-period learning!
Erica Keswin headshot
My husband, Jeff, his favorite quote growing up was always “chance favors the prepared mind.” So my son Daniel is meeting with [his Curious Cardinals mentor] Matt and building his cryptocurrency expertise. There was one day, I was in my office meeting with a woman, and she says she does a podcast. One of [the episodes] was about NFTs. And I was like, ‘Oh, Daniel, my son, is learning about NFTs,’ so I called Daniel, and they basically interviewed him to see if he actually knew anything. He was great, and he was on the podcast. Without Curious Cardinals and without the mentor…that all led to this moment. It just shows that by connecting [kids] with a mentor – somebody that they can really connect with on a particular topic – they can find great opportunities.
Asher is an engaging mentor who inspires my son to love learning. Igniting intellectual passion is the key to creating life long learners who never stop wanting to understand and grow and my son is lucky to have Asher as a partner in his unusual covid-period learning!
Deb Liu headshot
deb liu
mom & ceo of
Curious Cardinals not only helped spark Bethany's passion for writing, but connected her to a college mentor who she could see herself in and look up to for inspiration.

Every parent hopes that their kids can find role models who are not only highly ambitious and highly accomplished, but also have integrity and compassion too - and that's what Curious Cardinals has facilitated for my daughter. Her mentor helped her find her author's voice and put together a viable plan to launch her blog, all empowering her with more confidence in herself as an individual. She loved it so much that I signed my son up too!”
We marvel at the fact that the best teachers our kids have ever had aren’t even teachers! Alec and Audrey have such an impressive mastery of their respective subjects. They create engaging, relevant and challenging coursework that accomplishes what we most want for our kids - a love of learning.

How it works

Take a quick survey or hop on a call, we love to hear you brag about your kid(s) or listen to your concerns. We’re also happy to chat directly with your student.
Does your student need help going beyond their school’s curriculum? An accountability partner or subject-matter expert for a passion project? A math tutor?
We’ll send you and your student up to 3 mentor recommendations to choose from within 24 hours.

99% of our customers are very happy with the matches we make but if you’re not we’ll keep trying until we get it right.
Your student will meet with their mentor virtually on a custom schedule. You’ll get progress reports and notes from the mentor after every session.

We’re experts at helping both students that know exactly what they need and those that have no idea.