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Enhance Your Passion in Arts, Humanities & Politics
June 22 • 5pm PT (8pm ET) • 1 hour
with Harvard students and alum

Find Your Voice. Find Your Passion. Be Your Best Self.

Find joy in learning and discover your passions with mentorship from inspiring college students who share your interests and identity.


Work with a hand-picked college mentor to excel academically and build confidence.

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A college mentor will guide you one-on-one through a tailored course. Together, you will explore how your interests can make a unique, real-world impact.

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Our Mentors

Our mentors are chosen from top colleges through a rigorous application process that selects for their expertise, passion and empathy.

Our education team works collaboratively with mentors to create custom learning materials that are based on research and tailored to each student.


How We Choose Your Mentor

1. Tell us about yourself: your passions, aspirations, and which aspects of your identity you want to share with your mentor.
2. Meet the perfect mentor for you! We’ll match you with an expert who shares your interests and background, based on the factors that are important to you.
3. Schedule an introductory session to meet your mentor and ensure they’re a good match.
4. Learn, explore, and showcase your skills together!

Course Subjects

Learn what you want to learn from a mentor you see yourself in. Together, you’ll explore topics that interest you and have the option to bring a real-world project to life!


Our Community

Behind every great leader, innovator, and change-maker is curiosity and intrigue.

Gain the skills, confidence and community you need to feel capable of anything.

Why Students Love Curious Cardinals

Curious Cardinals has been such a fun, enjoyable learning experience, and I've loved being able to pursue my passions in interesting classes taught by mentors who inspire me. The workshops make online learning very exciting and engaging, and the classes, along with the community of Curious Cardinals, are truly unique.

Curious Cardinals helped me pursue my passions to an extent that no regular school could provide... Having a college mentor allowed me to see how I could pursue my passions in college in a variety of settings.

Curious Cardinals has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and explore topics I never knew I enjoyed. They have pushed me to be the best version of myself and give everything a go!