Frequently Asked Questions

For Students

I’m interested in finding my passion with Curious Cardinals. Where do I begin?

You came to the right place :) First of all, take the quiz! The quiz will tell you what options we think are the right fit for you.

We recommend starting with our workshop classes, which we refer to as ‘passion incubators.’ Our workshops present a stress-free, engaging way to learn about a new topic with the guidance of a college mentor who is an enthusiast on the topic. Workshops culminate in projects to showcase the knowledge you acquired. If you figured out what subject or topic makes you tick, we advise you to continue participating in workshops within the same track to learn about this subject from a range of disciplines.

If you’re ready to hone in on a subject and take your passion to the next level, we advise you to pursue a passion project. You will be connected with a mentor who can help you apply your passion to your own independent project. 

If I enroll in a workshop, will I have homework?

Curious Cardinals workshops culminate in projects to showcase the knowledge students acquired in the course. Teachers create syllabi with optional homework, if you want to go above and beyond and continue your learning beyond the classroom. But there are no grades, no tests, and no scores. Your final project serves as an indicator of your passion and presents an exciting opportunity to apply your new understanding to a real-world application. 

If I participate in a workshop, who will my classmates be? Where will they come from? What age will they be?

Your classmates will be from all over the world! We like to keep workshop sizes intimate, but value having students from all over who represent all backgrounds. Hopefully you will meet some new friends who share your passion! We tend to group ages together so you will be with peers in your grade or one grade above or below you.

What if I can't find a workshop that matches my interests?

If you can’t find a workshop that suits your interests, we encourage you to create your own workshop or pursue your own passion project. You can do a passion project on any topic imaginable. You can even invite your friends to join you and create your own workshop.

For Parents

My child is interested in participating in a workshop. How do they sign up?

You should go to our website and press “Get Matched.” Your child should take a quiz to see what workshop is best for them based off of their interests and curiosities. We refer to workshops as ‘passion incubators,’ a space for students to discover their passions without the stress of grades or exams.

Who will my child be accompanied by in a workshop?

At Curious Cardinals, we welcome students from all over the world to participate in our workshops. We cap workshops at 15 students, but your child may be in a course with students from all parts of the country or globe.

How do you ensure Curious Cardinals teachers are quality teachers?

Our teachers undergo a rigorous interview process. If accepted onto our team, we have education modules that our teachers complete to ensure best practices amongst our teaching team. Teachers must abide by our policies for both professionalism and appropriate conduct as well as optimal teaching. We have an education team at Curious Cardinals that works with teachers to develop materials, manuals, and run workshops to continually improve our teaching practices. We also have pre, mid, and post course surveys to ensure we are measuring students’ learning outcomes and responding to feedback from students about their teachers.

What happens if my child misses a passion project session vs. a workshop?

If your child misses a passion project session, you will be charged for the lesson unless you notify the teacher more than 24 hours in advance. If you miss a workshop session, you can ask the teacher to have a 1:1 meet up with you for 15 mins to discuss what was missed in the class. If you’d like to have an entire 60-90 minute time slot to make up for the missed lesson, you can pay the $60/hr rate for a makeup session. 

How do I pay for lessons?

Curious Cardinals sends invoices at the end of each month to parents.