Quintin Leong

Head of Engineering
A bit about Quintin...

I'm excited to bring mentorship to the masses by building technology at Curious Cardinals! I joined Curious Cardinals because it is a great mission match for me. I have had mentors that have had a huge impact on my life which has led me to give back as a mentor myself. I've mentored coworkers looking to navigate their professional life, aspiring computer science students at my alma mater seeking advice on how to set themselves up for a career in tech, and high school students that wanted to learn how to build the apps they use every day. It has been a highly rewarding experience and has shaped my belief in the work we do here. When I'm not programming, you'll find me playing guitar, board games, or in the metaverse on my VR setup!

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What piece of advice would you give parents with unengaged students?

Time is on your side at this age, go explore as much as you can! You are not alone in feeling this way and should try as many new/different opportunities that you have access to. I was indifferent about many subjects in school growing up, and I spent a large portion of my career exploring different professions before I found purposeful work I enjoy doing. I'm equally thankful for every positive and negative experience I've had because they helped me narrow in on how I want to spend my time and energy.

What was the most surprising part of the college experience for you?

College courses at the undergrad level felt like they were just scraping the surface of a broad set of topics within computer science. I had to dive beyond the lectures and homework to develop the level of understanding that I felt was sufficient for me to say that I really knew something. It was a key lesson I apply to all areas of my life.

Why is passion so important as it pertains to learning?

Learning should be memorable. Otherwise if you're like me, the non-memorable information stored in my brain ends up being easily forgotten. When we pair emotion and relevance with information, we create strong meaningful memories that stick with us. Passion driven learning provides us with the drive to contextualize and give deeper personal meaning to everything that we learn.

What kind of impact would you like Curious Cardinals to have?

I would like Curious Cardinals to be a community that helps developing youth reach their full potential through exploring their academic and personal passions with a mentor they deeply relate with.