Lucy Chen

Head of Learning Design
A bit about Lucy...

Despite growing up in the rigid Chinese education system, Lucy made brave bets to choose her own university: from co-building Minerva university as a founding class student, to teaching herself code in a purely peer-drive school, Ecole 42. These liberating educational experiences nurtured and empowered her as a curious learner and a fearless human. In her quest to bring similarly powerful learning experiences to others, Lucy discovered the power of human-centered design. In her global journey, she was a founding coach at Maven to grow cohort-based courses, built curriculum for refugees in Berlin, designed Machine Learning Bootcamps at Springboard, led education strategy at Mural in Argentina, and helped start a project-based high school in China! Now at Curious Cardinals, Lucy leads the education team, where she supports mentors to create effective and enjoyable lessons and creates personalized paths to guide young learners to forge their own ways of flourishing! In addition to her unconventional schooling experiences, Lucy also received a master's degree in Technology, Innovation and Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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What piece of advice would you give parents with unengaged students?

Don't make your students learn how teachers teach. Help them find mentors who can meet where they are and teach the way they learn.

What was the most surprising part of the college experience for you?

I was lucky to be part of the founding cohort of 28 students at Minerva University, an innovative college that takes students to live and study in a new city every half year. I can never forget the late-night conversations where students are brainstorming how to make the school better. And many of these proposals and feedback became reality. I learned that I could actually have ownership of my education!

Why is passion so important as it pertains to learning?

We often glorify the 2% of the passion when someone has an achievement (e.g. an award) and neglect the 98% of the journey: discovery, pursuit and creation. Passion keeps learners motivated throughout the journey. When destination is not the only goal, they play around when things are confusing and persist when things are difficult.

What kind of impact would you like Curious Cardinals to have?

What would an education that was truly driven by curiosity look like? Curious Cardinals will spark students' curiosity for knowledge, for themselves and for the world. Empower 1 million young people to discover the power of learning earlier in life!