The summer of possible
2 Months. Limitless Learning.
Say goodbye to the pressure to perform and hello to a summer of endless possibilities. Sign up for a personalized and flexible 10-session mentorship program for your K-12 student.
Structured learning
Your student will be guided through a learning framework that produces results you and your student will be proud of.
Flexible to your schedule
Our remote sessions are one-click away. We'll match you with a mentor whose schedule aligns with yours to ensure that you can enjoy your summer too.
Results driven (show it off!)
Students will showcase their creativity and the mastery of their new skills and achievements at the end of their 10-session course!
Why join the Summer of Possible?
We understand that the school year is often over-scheduled, leaving little room for personal growth and exploration. A Curious Cardinals summer is the perfect time to allow for exploration of new subjects, foray into a passion, or a head start on the academic school year. You and your student can design a personalized 10-session program that can be fun, challenging, and exploratory with the guidance of an expert mentor.
We offer three programs:
✨ Each program will be personalized to your student’s age and interests. ✨
How it works:
Pick a program
Determine which track is best for you and your students are most interested in for the summer and fill out a quick questionnaire.
Speak to our team
Our matchmaking team will reach out to finalize details and outline your goals for your student and we’ll find the perfect mentor to fit your needs.
Schedule flexible sessions
Our sessions are personalized to fit into your schedule. Though we recommend sessions twice a week to see the most results, our mentors and our team are flexible to your ideal frequency for your student’s summer.
Show it off
By the end of the summer, your student will have tangible results from their personalized curricula with their mentor and have something to show for it. So go ahead, show it off!
Frequently Asked Questions
How long is a session?

Sessions are one hour long and a student will meet with their mentor one-on-one. If a student is in 4th grade or younger, we often recommend 45 minute sessions.

I’m currently taking sessions with Curious Cardinals, how does this work with my existing sessions?

Continue working with your existing mentor. In this case, we will work with your mentor to define a clear summer milestone or project to focus on. This could be continuing with the current project you're working on, getting ahead on your academic work, pivoting to explore a passion project, or another goal you define together.

Switch to a new mentor over the summer. If you prefer to work with someone new, we will facilitate a smooth transition. Our education team will connect your current mentor and new mentor to share details about your learning style, interests, and any other information important to your success.

Both! Continue with your current mentor and match with a new mentor. If you plan to continue with your mentor during the summer, but want to work on something new, you should go through the process of adding a new mentor in addition to your current one.

What if I am not satisfied with my first session? 

After the first session, we check with our parents & students to ensure a great fit in order to achieve their desired goal. If the first session doesn’t go well, we ask for your feedback to assess, rematch, and re-engage. The remaining lessons in the purchased package can be applied to either a new or modified engagement.

I’m not sure how to get started! What are popular tracks that my student can sign up for? 

There's no right or wrong way to get started, however there are student favorites! We recommend you try one of our most popular courses, which are Math and Writing (Academic Mentorship), Finance, Human Biology, Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence and Sports Analytics (Exploratory Learning Journey), Writing A Research Paper, Entrepreneurship, and Blogging (Passion Project). 

Do you offer in person sessions or is it all online?

Our usual offering is virtual, which allows us to find the best person in the world for your student with no geographical constraints. Our virtual setting has worked with our students and parents since inception. Due to the session’s 1:1 setting, engagement is really high and our education team equips mentors with tools and resources to make lessons interactive

How do I schedule a session?

Scheduling is handled between you and your student’s mentor. We recommend finding a consistent time to meet weekly so your student's mentor can schedule sessions on our platform which will easily sync with your calendar.

What if my mentor isn’t a good fit with my student?

We pride ourselves on finding the best person for your student. We aim to find a mentor that aligns with the students’ personality, interests, and mentor preferences. If specific criteria matter most to you in a mentor match, we recommend sharing that on your consultation call so our team can make matches accordingly. If it doesn’t feel like a great match, then we will seek your feedback to understand what went wrong and then source another mentor from there and make the rematch. If you purchased a package upfront, your remaining sessions will be applied to the new mentor. 

How are your mentors selected?

We have a community of over 400 mentors with college students from some of the best colleges in the country (i.e Stanford, Harvard and more). We have a rigorous vetting, recruiting, and interviewing process whereby we evaluate mentors' passion, depth of expertise, professionalism, ability to make concepts intelligible, as well as their emotional intelligence. We’re pride ourselves in working with some of the most impressive college students who are the presidents of clubs and winners of awards. Throughout the process, we aim to make sure that mentors are not only top tier teachers who can meet students where they're at, but also extraordinarily mature individuals who can empathize with students' struggles and provide the necessary support and encouragement to be there for them.

Beyond this, our onboarding process trains mentors to lead and drive sessions, our Education team equips mentors with resources and curricula to lead engagements successfully, and our Student and Mentor Success teams check in to ensure sessions are meaningful and meeting expectations.

Have more questions?  Reach out to our team to help you find the perfect match for your student this summer.