Passion Project

Passion Project

Flexible based on student's needs
$85 per hour
Lesson length
60 minutes (recommended)
Students enrolled with the following partners may be able to register for free by applying for a scholarship.
You’ll be able to request a scholarship application during registration.
Scholarships available for community partners
Virtual, join from anywhere!
Class size
Private 1:1
Students work with mentors to create an exciting project plan and deliverable
Mentors act as accountability partners for students
Mentors curate lessons to teach skills necessary for project completion
Project plan and timeline is tailored to student’s needs and goals
Main goal of a passion project
Apply your passion to the real-world and walk away with a finished project you can share and be proud of!

How does a passion project work?

Let’s talk first steps.
Students are matched with mentors who share their interests and have unique expertise in the subject matter.

Once matched, the first session will dive deeper into your student’s areas of interest to identify a focus and come up with a project game plan. The game plan will include relevant milestones so both students and mentors know what to expect from each session.
Then, your project gets underway!
With each session, mentors will teach students relevant skills and background necessary to complete the project.

Mentors will check in on progress and troubleshoot any problems, adjusting the project plan when needed as the student brings it to life.
Time to share and celebrate your work!
When students complete their project, they are encouraged to share it with the Curious Cardinals community. Mentors will talk next steps, including submitting the project to other online avenues, including competitions and rewards, where students can receive feedback and recognition.
Looking ahead. 
Once your student completes their project, mentors will share options for continued learning, whether it’s embarking on another project or delving into a new subject altogether. The journey doesn’t end with project completion: mentors are here to support students as they continue to grow and their interests continue to evolve! 

Frequently asked questions

What age range is this offering best suited for?

Mentors will adjust the course material to meet different age levels. We have different levels for this course for ages 9-11, 12-15, and 16-18.

Does my child need to have experience with this topic?

No! The course is designed and curated by mentors to be accessible to all levels of experience–including no experience at all.

Can I customize this course further?

Of course! Mentors will work with students to customize the course to their exact interests and ideas.

How adaptable is the course? Can my child take something similar to this that is not this exact syllabus?

Absolutely! Our mentors always adapt courses to best suit the goals and interests of their students. The syllabus is simply a jumping-off point!

Can students take this course together in a group or is it 1:1?

This is intended to be a private 1:1 guided exploration. However, if you have a friend or group of friends that you would like to take this with, please reach out to us and we will make it work!

How much of a role will the mentor play in the course?

The mentor will be a thought partner and guide for the student. The mentor will create slides to teach the student background knowledge and share videos, articles, podcasts, and other resources to introduce the student to new concepts. Like all student-driven Curious Cardinals courses, mentors will curate the course content to a student’s specific passions. The course will be honed to address each student’s unique interests and ideas.

Do I get to choose which mentor leads the course or is it set?

After giving us your preferences, students will be presented with a mentor we recommend as the best fit based on shared interests. If you do not like the mentor we recommend, students can “fire” their mentor and be introduced to a new one!

Can this course be extended? 

Yes! After the initial four lessons, mentors will guide students to dive deeper into a more niche topic area that they discovered through the current course.