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Learn what you want to learn one-on-one with an inspiring mentor in an independent study

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About Independent Studies

1:1 with a mentor you choose. Bite-sized sessions. Live, virtual classrooms.
Final projects to add to your portfolio.

Inspiring College Mentors

Mentors from top colleges around the world teach the topics they are passion about, serving as educators, role models, and peers. Relatable, reliable, and engaging, mentors demonstrate the pursuit of inquiry in action.

Personalized Curricula

Customize your independent study based on your unique interests. Design a learning experience with your mentor and the Curious Cardinals education team. Connect with new friends, peers, and partners in the CC community for future projects.

Stress-Free Learning

No tests, no grades, no rankings. Workshops are designed to activate curiosity and engage – not burden – students with optional supplementary work.

Final Project and Portfolio

Workshops end in final projects that apply learning to the real world. Add your final project to your portfolio to showcase your knowledge in a deliverable.


Independent Study
Nine to twelve 60 minute sessions
Learn 1:1 with a like-minded mentor
Customize a unique curriculum based on your interests
Explore cutting-edge, niche topics
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We offer need-based, flexible tuition.