VJ is an undergraduate at UT Dallas majoring in Biochemistry who is passionate about microbiology, organic chemistry and education. In junior year of high school in India, she won a national science competition which enabled her school to set up a robotics lab worth 30,000$. More recently, she’s worked at the Exoplanet Lab at UTD, proofreading proposals and assisting with filtering and sorting data from various cameras that capture the night sky. She’s also worked with non-profits to tutor children from the Middle East in English and develop social media and blog content for small organizations. Due to her love for languages, she’s been engaged as an officer in clubs like Toastmasters, the Korean Language Club and the Japanese Language Club on campus. Since she also loves art, she’s extremely involved in creating fun flyers and emails for the Biochemistry Student Association and beautifying discord servers that she’s a part of. Someday, she hopes to conduct research in virology or biopharmaceuticals and travel the world! Meanwhile, her nose is also buried deep in literature, manga and webtoons and she loves listening to music from all around the world. At Curious Cardinals, VJ aims to make chemistry and biology fun and engaging and inspire students to love these branches of science!

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