Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Tiago is a rising senior in Computer Science at Minerva Schools at KGI, an innovative university where the undergraduate experience is centered around the science of learning and cultural dexterity. His tracks are on Data Science and Applied Problem Solving, but he also gets sidetracked taking economics and physics courses he deeply enjoys. During high school, Tiago competed in tens of scientific olympiads in subjects ranging from history to linguistics to mathematics, and he represented Brazil at the International Young Physicist’s Tournament in Singapore. Model UNs were dear to his heart, too, since he discovered his passion for economics at one. Tiago has taught physics and finance classes in Brazil and design thinking marathons and IoT workshops in China. Currently, he mentors compatriots who wish to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad. Closer to home, he has been working to create accessibility-minded resources and improve the curriculum of one of his university’s core courses, developing materials on statistics, algorithms, and decision theory. A strong believer in the importance of data literacy, Tiago loves diving into data visualization and exploratory analysis. He has worked on projects on transportation policy in San Francisco, on emerging-market opportunities for venture capital in South Korea, and on curriculum marketing in India. If you enter a casual conversation with him, prepare to leave with some podcast recommendations. And if he is your teacher or tutor, get ready to revisit gaps in knowledge and answer lots, and many lots, of questions.

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