Ro’s mom always reminded them to “leave the world a better place than you found it”. For Ro, that has looked like unapologetically pursuing their passions, so that they can show up in the world as their full self and help others do the same. Before receiving their Bachelors of Science in Education and Social Policy and minor in Legal Studies from Northwestern University, Ro spent their time back home in Southern California engaging in a wide range of extracurricular activities and classes in high school After three years as a top witness in their mock trial program, four years as a leader on their track team, and excelling in advanced art, AP Calculus AB & BC, and AP US History, Ro’s interests continued to expand in college. At Northwestern, Ro became an award-winning attorney in the ninth-best collegiate mock trial program in the country and pursued a pre-law course load while deepening their art education, becoming a mentor to first-year students, and a community organizer with NU Community Not Cops. In their junior year, Ro began to focus on improving their mental health and pivoted their studies to focus on psychology and critical ethnic studies so that they could begin to learn how to provide support to fellow LGBTQIA+ Black, Indigenous, and POC communities. Currently, Ro is looking forward to pursuing a Master's in Social Work in 2023 to begin that work! In their free time, Ro enjoys drawing and painting, yoga, making bad jokes to their boyfriend, sporadic dance parties, hanging out with their friends, and cuddling with their cat Gilda. As a Curious Cardinals mentor, Ro wants to help fuel their students’ passions and encourage them to dream bigger and bolder as they embrace changes in the world and within themselves.

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