Paulina is pursuing an Innovation and Design Engineering degree at the Panamerican University (Mexico City). She graduated highschool in 2019, with a 35 point awarded IB Diploma, which certified subjects such as physics, visual arts and mathematics. Among other extracurricular activities, she was part of the school’s soccer team and danced hip-hop. She won a scholarship to participate in the International Summer Science Institute’s program in 2019, where she developed a project at a particle physics lab. There, she realized the importance of the role that design and engineering play when aiding science. In 2020, she was selected to be part of the student group, Inspire UP, where the top class students share their passions, leadership and commitment with other students to strive for a better community. She is also part of the design team of Dynamics UP, a student-driven project that aims to develop human body prosthetics at her university. Furthermore, she is an intern at the Design Department of the Engineering Faculty where she does design tendencies documental investigation, class content creation, assignments revisions and grading and innovative project proposals. Paulina has tutored elementary, middle school and high school students on subjects like math and physics, for three years. And she would love to extend these teaching skills to other subjects that inspire students to rethink the world that surrounds us and design towards a better one.

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