Mahima is a sophomore at the University of Texas at Dallas, pursuing her degree in biochemistry. She is driven by her passion for biochemistry and hopes to obtain a PhD after her undergraduate education. She is currently being trained as an undergraduate research assistant at a biochemistry lab and is excited to be able to practically apply all of the chemistry, biology, physics, and math that she has learned so far. Mahima is amazed by the complex biochemical reactions that drive the everyday life she sees all around her. She is fascinated by the photosynthesis that keeps her many house plants alive and the glycolysis that occurs in her own body after eating a hearty meal that she cooked up in her kitchen. Mahima also loves to teach. She taught karate for 3 years, tutored in her freshman year of college, and volunteered as a tutor for a reading program over the summer. She is also passionate about learning new things, however small they may be, and wants to share this passion with everyone. Fun fact: she recently learned how to skateboard! She strongly believes that long term commitment and dedication will result in success. For example, she has been training in karate since kindergarten and is now a second degree black belt. Mahima believes that learning should always be fun, no matter how difficult the material is, and has a strong desire to share this enthusiasm and excitement with everyone around her.

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