Joshua Shongwe, a Senior at Stanford University, is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer science with a specification in Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, attending Granada Hills Charter High School, and spends his free time watching Football, Basketball, and E-sports; namely, League of Legends after being ranked fourth in the nation in High School. During his time at Stanford, Josh has been working with the Large Technical Enterprise, Uber Technologies Inc., for the past 3 summers and is currently working with Apple as a Campus Leader. Given his experience, Josh is now well-versed in a plethora of popularized coding languages like Unix, C#, C+, Java, JavaScript, Python, Regular Expression, and more. And while his current work is heavily involved in the Big Tech space, his passion for Computer Science and education began long before attending Stanford University. In high school, Josh created an Equitable Learning Website fully equipped with higher level mathematics curriculum to provide access to underprivileged, underrepresented individuals. Using popularized coding languages like HTML coupled with Cascading Style Sheets, Josh was able to design a fully equipped website that included Calculus A-C, Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra with different learning options e.g., video-based learning, read/exampled based learning, problem set based learning, and assessment-based learning. His passion project caught the eye of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) who used Josh’s website as a proof of concept for higher-level math during online schooling. And even after developing a well-versed experience in computer programming in a Large Technical Enterprise and rising to an elite level in the E-Sports space, Josh is still eager to make a difference in the youth community to inspire creativity and excitement under the lens of education.

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