Josh is an undergraduate at Yale University, where he studies English literature. Originally from southern New Jersey, Josh has always loved reading anything that he can get his hands on, ever since he could first read. He especially loves to engage with literature through the practice of creative writing—he is always working to hone his craft and he loves to work with other writers. Josh elected to take a gap semester in the fall of 2020, spending the time in his hometown as a private tutor for a group of middle-school students. Though his most extensive experience is as a freelance SAT tutor for high-school students, Josh has also volunteered tutoring pre-K students at a bilingual school just outside of New Haven. Outside of educational contexts, Josh worked as a full-time literary intern for a creative memoir and short fiction author in summer 2021. Through this apprenticeship, Josh gained exposure to the experience of writing as a career; his responsibilities included draft-editing, critical reading, website design, and historical research. In his free time, Josh loves listening to music, traveling with friends, and baking with his family. Josh is very excited to be a part of the Curious Cardinals team and he can’t wait to help you explore your passions!

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