Currently studying at Stanford University (Class of '25), Andrew is pursuing a major in Bioengineering while eyeing a potential combination with Electrical Engineering and a minor in Philosophy. An avid fanatic for all things innovative and biological, Andrew works as a researcher at the Fan Yang Lab at Stanford Medicine/Biomedical Innovations developing lab-patented hydrogel platforms for enhanced cranial bone regeneration. He is also an active member of the Stanford Student Space Initiative's Biology Team, where he helped develop a proposal for the 2022-23 ISS National Lab Research Announcement detailing utilization of microgravity conditions found in Low Earth Orbit for novel vasculature bioprinting methods. Having also previously conducted research at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center, his scientific interests lie in the realms of cell and synthetic biology, specifically in novel cancer therapies, tissue regeneration, nanotechnology, senescence, and the potential explosion of a not-so-distant space-based biotechnology industry. Outside of the lab, Andrew is also passionate about film studies and sci-fi (from Wong Kar-wai to Andrei Tarkovsky to Agnès Varda to Hideaki Anno), having written and directed his own film at Stanford, and continues to nurture a lifelong hobby of creative writing. An exercise nut hailing from Michigan, Andrew has also competed at the state/national level for ice hockey and lacrosse for over 10 years while enjoying a slew of other sports including swimming, football, basketball, and fishing. Beyond everything else, Andrew is inspired by the sincerity of passionate conversations on any/all interests: be it from philosophy to astrophysics or literature to pure mathematics, he is always ready to explore this crazy universe of curiosities in the next chat.

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