Ada is a native Vermonter who loves skiing, hiking in the woods, and spending quality time with family and friends. As a junior at Boston College, Ada is pursuing a degree in psychology and marketing. She is a strong proponent of lifelong learning and devotes her time to studying the intersection between psychology and education, discovering the most effective ways to receive, integrate, and recall information. Apart from her studies, Ada loves to creatively write whether it be poetry about beautiful fall leaves or short stories about growing up on her small horse farm. She applies her writing skills more practically as a staff writer for the Boston College student-run newspaper, The Heights, and for her position as a publications assistant in the Boston College Carroll School of Management communications department. Though she is an active person, Ada loves nothing more than to sit down and appreciate a good book, song, or film. Her creativity comes out in her writing as well as her experimental cooking methodology that she has inherited through family traditions and lots of trial and error. She incorporates this mentality into her teaching style by encouraging students to take calculated risks with a positive attitude towards mistakes and revision. Join Ada in a life of learning in Spanish, literate, creative writing, psychology, math, and even cooking!

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