The Art of Storytelling: Fiction and Non-Fiction

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What’s the best way to tell a story? We’re always telling stories, whether its over lunch with friends, or through a TikTok or an instagram story. In this class, we’ll look at what goes into a good story. Using examples from journalism and short fiction, including short works by Joan Didion and James Baldwin, we’ll explore the timeless power of storytelling and start to think about the ways that storytelling has changed in the digital age.

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Curious Cardinals has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and explore topics I never knew I enjoyed. They have pushed me to be the best version of myself and give everything a go!

Emma, 10th Grade

American School in London

If you have anything limiting you from reaching a goal, then I would definitely recommend getting into contact with Curious Cardinals. I faced a barrier with Computer Science for months. Then I got into contact with Curious Cardinals and in just a few weeks, I was able to have the fastest growth that I’ve had in the long time that I’ve been working on this project. There’s just something about having someone that is closer to your age range, someone that you feel more comfortable with, whose goal is to help you with whatever you specifically need.

Symphony, 12th Grade

e3 Civic High

I love the case studies and all the information. I am very glad you taught about bias in the healthcare system because I think it should be taught everywhere. In Think Like a PreMed I’ve learned a lot more about the body then I thought I’d learn and also It’s helped me to think about what’s going on inside of me when I’m inured or somethings wrong. I think Think like a PreMed is very engaging and it is very well paced. I am loving the class everything is just about as good as it can get!


I had an amazing experience taking the Mass Incarceration class! The teacher provided great resources and got incredibly influential people to speak with us. The class encouraged me to continue exploring on my own how Mass Incarceration came to be and how it affects every facet of our society. I highly recommend that any student who wants to learn something new or is motivated to dive deep into a topic tries a Curious Cardinals class!

Kaitlin, 21th Grade

Montanna is a thoughtful teacher and taught me useful tools to be a better writer and speaker.

Callie, 7th grade

Nature Art with Curious Cardinals has been a wonderful experience for my daughter. During this pandemic, it became our family’s priority to involve our daughter into a program that welcomed her and engaged her with her creativity and her artistic passion.


I’m so happy I took a Curious Cardinals Course this summer. It was so rewarding and interesting! Ashwin is such an engaging and fun teacher. He always kept class interesting with questions and funny memes during his lectures.

Annie, 12th Grade

Alec and Audrey are the most inspiring teachers I have ever had. I really look forward to my time with them each week. My sessions with them are the perfect mix of challenging and fun.

Jane, 8th Grade

Asher Vogel is a wonderful tutor who has inspired my son to ask lots of curious questions about math and science, outside his schoolwork. My son feels very comfortable working with a student tutor and isn’t embarrassed to ask questions that he may not feel comfortable asking in class in front of friends or to his busy teacher. Asher is an engaging mentor who inspires my son to love learning. Igniting intellectual passion is the key to creating life long learners who never stop wanting to understand and grow and my son is lucky to have Asher as a partner in his unusual covid-period learning!

Heather, parent of 6th grader

Asher is a kind guy, I really liked him. He encourages people to read and participate. There was a lot of enthusiasm within the class.

Liam, 5th Grade

Audrey has been invaluable in helping me understand how to improve my writing in a systematic way across multiple subjects. She has given me the tools to strengthen my writing abilities on my own. I appreciate her constructive feedback and always look forward to our working sessions.

Max, 10th Grade

I highly recommend the Public Speaking class. I was nervous at first but quickly felt comfortable with everyone. I learned so much and want to take more classes like this.

Oliver, 7th Grade

Alec and Audrey are both amazing tutors. They are so kind and hardworking and since I started working with them my grades have been increasing drastically!

Sloane, 7th Grade

Curious Cardinals is an innovative and interactive learning platform which was a great supplemental educational experience in view of schools modifying there in person teaching platform. Jonah enjoyed working with young intelligent tutors which were relatable and kind. The communication and follow up after each session was a great cliff notes version of the lesson that could be referenced for later use. We look forward to working with the Curious Cardinals this 2021 school year.

Lanie, parent of 6th grader

Pursuing a project driven by my passions in medicine and diagnostics with a college mentor has given me the ability to feel well prepared to pursue my passions at a high level in the future.

Eleanor, 10th Grade

Washington International School

Eliana is our wonderful student leader who has sparked my daughters interest in exploring and observing patterns in nature such as leaves and tree barks in our everyday walk to school and during our leisure. She serves not only as a student leader but as a mentor and inspiration to my daughter. She offers the students office hours flexible with each individual in class. Although our time difference from New York are hours away - my daughter is always ready and willing to attend Nature Art with Eliana.

Carmen, parent

New York

Curious Cardinals helped me pursue my passions to an extent that no regular school could provide... Having a college mentor allowed me to see how I could pursue my passions in college in a variety of settings.

Will, 11th Grade

Albany High School

Cece is really helping me to read more fluidly in Spanish and in English. She is teaching me about the solar system and she makes it really fun.

Taylor, 1st Grade

Audrey is an excellent tutor and in only two months of working with her, my Spanish speaking skills have improved significantly! She makes sure to adapt drills and homework to what I may need practice on. I strongly recommend working with her!

Elise, 7th Grade

Ashwin was a thoughtful, intuitive, and fun teacher in my Human Behavioral Biology class. Each class was something new to look forward to especially with Ashwin as the teacher. Through his understandable real life connections and funny ways of linking ideas I learned a ton. A lot of which I can use and notice in my daily life and also some I can take into my upcoming biology class this year. I'm now about two weeks out of class and already miss having Ashwin as my teacher. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to learn from him once again.

Nate, 10th Grade

Taking the CC Mass Incarceration workshop was one of the most important and eye-opening parts of my summer. I joined the class with almost no prior knowledge and left with a much better understanding and passion for the topic.

Jane, 8th Grade


Everett and Peeti have absolutely loved Leila's "story" classes (as they call them). In fact, Everett was in tears this past Monday night because I told him he didn't have class. Needless to say, they're really looking forward to starting back up in a few weeks!


Liam very much enjoyed [Asher’s] class. As Liam's mom, I was truly grateful to have him participate in a class led by Asher as he had a way of interacting with the kids that brought Liam out of his shell and made him feel comfortable enough to engage and speak freely. Liam is usually very anxious about group activities but he felt very comfortable with the class and environment Asher created and led. Asher also inspired Liam to have more love and interest in reading. Thanks for a job excellently done!

Melissa, parent of 5th grader

Emma was a positive, inclusive, and comprehensible teacher in my Think Like a Pre-Med class. Every class Emma brought great energy that, despite the learning conditions, was spread throughout to myself and each of the other students. She was very patient willingly answering any and all of my often excessive questions. Emma inspired me to hopefully next summer work in a lab and possibly become an EMT a few years from now. She also took the time and went out of her way to meet with me and answer questions I had about Stanford. I hope to take another one of her courses soon.

Nate, 10th Grade

The intro to law class taught by Audrey and Megan has been the best experience and the program Audrey and Alec are running is insanely inspirational. Audrey and Megan have totally fueled a new infatuation within me for the law and i’m so grateful for having been able take part in the class. I will definitely take a class this fall!!

Rose, 9th Grade

Curious Cardinals is one of the best programs I have ever participated in. I had the most amazing summer learning about Human Behavioral Biology. Whether we were talking about evolution, molecular biology, or various twin studies, the whole class was always on their toes, engaged, and ready to learn more. I also loved that we were able to practice with what we learned and test our knowledge with the practice problems. Furthermore, when we were practicing, the environment was never competitive, but collaborative, as we all worked together to find a solution. This summer I also participated in a program at a prestigious university, and I can without a doubt say that this program was 10 times better!! Thank you Ashwin, and thank you Curious Cardinals, for a summer experience I will never forget!

Molly, 12th Grade

The journalism workshop that I took introduced me to a whole new part of the field. Through engaging conversations, and interesting guest speakers, I can honestly say that in this workshop, I have learned more than I ever would in a school class.

Siena, 8th Grade


We marvel at the fact that the best teachers our kids have ever had aren’t even teachers! Alec and Audrey have such an impressive mastery of their respective subjects. They create engaging, relevant and challenging coursework that accomplishes what we most want for our kids - a love of learning.

Alicia, parent of 5th & 8th grade students

My 10 year old sports loving son is not a book lover. Asher not only engaged him, but got him to beg to read ahead! Asher made reading fun, made him think and showed him that reading isn’t a deed but fun!!!

Lauren, parent of 5th grader

Anna really helped me learn how to computer program for the first time. We have done lots of cool projects but I have also learned about variables and different complicated coding things. When things are too complicated for me, Anna is able to explain them clearly in a way that I can understand. She makes me feel very proud of myself.

Talia, 4th Grade

Curious Cardinals has been such a fun, enjoyable learning experience, and I've loved being able to pursue my passions in interesting classes taught by mentors who inspire me. The workshops make online learning very exciting and engaging, and the classes, along with the community of Curious Cardinals, are truly unique.

Annabelle, 9th Grade

Archer School for Girls