We hear student frustrations about online school and dedicate our energy to redefining the online classroom experience. We see a growing disparity in education accessibility and ask, how can we be a part of the solution? We’ve answered that question by building the infrastructure to give any curious student the opportunity to ask: Why?


Donations allow students on full or partial financial assistance to use Curious Cardinals’ services by covering the salary of their teacher. Donated funds will only be used for this purpose.

Curious Cardinals operates through a fiscal sponsor called Jumpstart Labs. Jumpstart is a registered 501(c)3. Donations made through Jumpstart on the above link are tax deductible. You may see Jumpstart listed on the receipt of your donation. Tax deductible donations to Curious Cardinals can also be made through checks addressed to Jewish Jumpstart Labs, 2801 Ocean Park Blvd. #348, Santa Monica, CA 90405 with FBO Curious Cardinals LLC on the memo line. The tax EIN number for Jumpstart Labs is tel:26-2173175. If you’re interested in a wire transfer, please contact Montanna Riggs (mailto:riggs00@stanford.edu) and Javi Arango (mailto:jarango12@gmail.com)

Parent Workshops

Curious Cardinal parents often remark: “Wow, I wish I could take a workshop!” Well, parents, it’s your turn! Curious Cardinals is offering three 90-minute workshops throughout the month of November specifically for you!


As an organization of GENZers, we want to teach YOU, Gen X, the things your children care about most and the social issues our generation is responsible for solving. Learn from the same passionate teachers educating your children and become a Curious Cardinal yourself.

Available Workshops

Who Runs the World? Women in Leadership





Grace Pan

9:00 - 10:30 am PST

March 28th

In this workshop, we’ll examine ways in which women shape and are shaped by positions of leadership. We begin by asking some simple questions with complex answers: Why are we interested in studying women in leadership? Is there a meaningful difference in how women secure and hold leadership positions? Why do fields like gender studies exist? By diving into case studies from a variety of industries and cultures, we take a look at areas in which women have taken significant strides. Ultimately, we explore the position that thinking about leadership through the prism of gender allows us to rethink traditional analyses of governance.

  Suggested donation: $75

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